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Smile [Announce] FrogComposband released

Available here, with the source code, precompiled Windows full game (without the source code) and precompiled Windows .exe. (Windows users who download the .exe should also download the source code, but not the full game, which would be superfluous. Windows users who download the full game won't need to download any other files.)

Savefiles are unidirectionally compatible between and previous versions of FrogComposband; that is, you can upgrade from 7.0.peppermint or even 7.0.strawberry to in the middle of a game, but you can't downgrade from mango back to strawberry or peppermint.

Many thanks to everyone who played 7.0.peppermint! The feedback, and seeing all the different ways people approach the game, has been invaluable. I'm sorry if I haven't had the time and energy to respond to everyone, fix every bug or address everybody's concerns; the game is really big, and the mountain of suggestions and bug reports has been almost equally big, and I only have the one pair of hands. (Possibly I should try a Xorn.)

Changes in FrogComposband

* Introduced three new personalities (Chaotic, Mundane and Unlucky) and restored the removed Lazy and Munchkin personalities.
(Thanks to MITZE for suggesting the Chaotic personality and helping me devise it)

* Adapted the Alchemist class from PosChengband-R

* Adapted the Politician class from Frogspawn

* Restored the special Lazy artifacts (with some tweaks)

* Improved wilderness design (borders between different types of terrain are now less ugly - say goodbye to rectangular oceans)

* Adapted PosChengband-R's coffee-break mode (optional accelerated game)
[faster exp gain and loot, no wilderness, forced descent but recall allowed]
[it is currently possible to do DL99 and/or DL100 repeatedly]

* The Craven personality now gives vulnerability to fear, but also a moderate quick walk (thanks to MITZE for this suggestion)

* Toned down chaos patron punishments - they happen less often now, and are less insta-killy (it should now be impossible for a punishment to insta-kill a fully healthy player outright, although they can still kill a player who was already hurt, and TY_CURSE is still a possibility at high levels)

* Spellcasting monsters can now use spells in response to being hurt by the player, even if the player is not in their line of sight or within range of their splash attacks. This makes it harder to kill drujs or quylthulgs safely by abusing line of sight (adapted from Frogspawn)

* Tweaked randart creation (bows are now more likely to have slays/brands or a miscellaneous attribute; instead of disproportionately generating randart armors with to-AC of exactly +20 or weapons with to-hit/dam of exactly +25,+25, the bonuses are now somewhat more random)

* Tweaked item valuation (some resists are now worth a bit more, others are now worth a bit less, and items with many high resists are worth a bit more in general. Also, off-weapon slays were not properly valued, while off-weapon brands are now somewhat less valuable)

* Made the Crow's Nest quest saner; it would previously give either heaps of good objects or very few good objects, now it's guaranteed to have a moderate amount of them

* Made the Orc Camp and Tidy the Laboratory quests more compact

* Prevented the player from getting quite so many level-ups from Shadow Fairies and Tidy the Laboratory

* Added some new class-specific quest rewards (no, not for Sand Pit)

* The default reward for Orc Camp is now a staff of enlightenment

* Uniques and monster groups should no longer generate in Trouble at Home

* Due to an oversight, being poly_selfed with no_scrambling on could have extremely bad, potentially lethal consequences; this has been fixed

* The names and descriptions of random (or reforged) artifacts based on a standard artifact with the FULL_NAME flag will no longer be mangled

* Fixed an old bug that sometimes caused staves of cure wounds to appear as staves of healing (or vice versa) in the character sheet's Statistics section

* Fixed some serious bugs in the old code intended to prevent pets from killing the player with friendly fire. (Also, this code now applies to friendly monsters as well as pets; this is only fair, given what happens when the player's spells cause collateral damage to friendly monsters... Monsters with the "stupid" flag are an exception to this.)

* Fixed an old bug that caused quest monsters with escorts to not be correctly marked as questors, making them not reappear if destructed

* Fixed a bug that caused ninja-lawyers to be encumbered by any armor at all, effectively lowering their max SP (thanks to OmniNegro for reporting this)

* Fixed an old bug with rings and death-swords absorbing stacks of identical items (thanks to OmniNegro for reporting this)

* Fixed an old bug with teleporting mounts (thanks to TauzentBlitz for reporting this)

* Fixed an old bug that caused attacks by beholders on other monsters to be treated as attacks by the player (resulting in bizarre messages and damage, giving the player free experience, and allowing beholders to kill uniques). Also fixed a similar but unrelated bug that sometimes caused the message "You invoke Anti-Magic" to appear when a monster invoked it

* Fixed an old bug that caused listed skeleton rewards and actual skeleton rewards to be out of sync (thanks to the person who reported this bug. Unfortunately I forgot to note who it was)

* Fixed a minor bug with doppelgangers (they could gain a demigod power if they levelled up in barbarian or dunadan form, but could only access those powers normally in human or demigod form). Doppelganger barbarians and dunedain no longer receive demigod powers on level-up

* Fixed two old issues with possessors receiving monster lore on possessing a corpse. The first issue was that if the player never saw the monster alive, it would not count as seen, and would be ignored by the knowledge menu. (All possessed monsters are now marked as seen.) The second issue was that deprecated monsters were sometimes inappropriately generated (this should no longer happen), and they were also ignored by the knowledge menu. (Thanks to robinhood for reporting this)

* It is no longer possible to get unlimited hits against a monster by letting it stair-follow the player repeatedly (thanks to Gwarl for reporting this exploit)

* The use_old_target option no longer allows the player to ignore confusion while targetting (thanks to bostock for reporting this exploit)

* Plugged an old exploit that allowed weaponsmiths to permanently remove slaying penalties from heavy body armor, cloaks of the bat etc. by adding a token amount of Slaying essence to the item and then removing that (there are some very specific circumstances in which this exploit can still work, but the advantage gained should be minuscule compared to before)

* Monsters not currently visible are now always displayed as white in the monster health bar, unless enhanced telepathy is used. This prevents the health bar from accidentally revealing a monster's identity (thanks to vertigo for reminding me of this)

* High-level adversaries in the Thalos Arena no longer drop gold (thanks to Mocht for pointing out that they did)

* Standard artifacts received as quest rewards were not marked as "found", which caused the artifact counter in the character sheet to not notice them, though the bug did not allow them to be actually generated repeatedly (thanks to Mocht for reporting this)

* Fixed a minor bug that caused the message "You have found something!" to sometimes be displayed on rubble clearing even if nothing was actually found (thanks to Mocht for reporting this). Also, tweaked item generation in rubble (previously, items could only be found in low-level rubble. Now there's a small chance of finding items in high-level rubble too, but spamming for rubble items is harder)

* It is now possible to use the 'J' key to auto-travel to an object-list or monster-list entry. (This was already possible with the '`' key, but that option doesn't give full compatibility with non-English keyboards)

* Level 10 of Icky Cave is now guaranteed to be small or smallish

* All staircases generated in the Battlefield dungeon will now be shafts

* Tourists can now sell photographs for loose change at the Journalists' Guild in Anambar

* Improved gray-mages' spell UI

* Improved weapon proficiency display (it is now possible to see the class-specific proficiency caps for each weapon in-game, and to view the player's current proficiency as a percentage of either full mastery or the class-specific cap)

* Characters with levitation are no longer unable to deliberately jump into trap doors

* Scrolls will now ask for confirmation if reading them would have no effect (e.g. Teleport Level or Genocide inside a quest)

* Scrolls of Crafting now cancel outright if reading them is guaranteed to not have an effect (however, in cases where reading them might have an effect but doesn't, they still get used up like before)

* Nazguls are now immune to polymorphing

* Made wands of tsunami slightly less overpowered

* The weapon shop now stocks projectiles and quivers more often during the very early game (thanks to CyclopsSlayer for bringing up the annoyance of not having any ammo)

* Slightly nerfed the Death realm's Nether Storm spell

* "Empty" barbarian talismans with nothing on them should no longer generate

* Monsters now cast spells slightly more intelligently (thanks to Mocht for suggesting that they be able to learn about anti-teleportation)

* Skillmasters no longer get Vampirism True cheaper than other classes

* Races with more HP than spectres now have their racial HP reduced to that of the spectre while in wraithform

* All items in an object prompt are now guaranteed to have a slot label (previously, conflicts caused by an inscribed item overriding another object's slot label could cause objects to not have slot labels)

* All carried items now recharge fully while the player waits for a reforge. (This is only fair, since sleeping in the inn has this effect, even on short naps that consume less game time than a reforge does)

* Limited the number of active monster traps (or glyphs of warding) the player can concurrently have on a single level to 11, to discourage the very tedious but effective approach of filling large chunks of the level with traps before taking on a strong foe, and to encourage careful trap placement when more moderate versions of this approach are used. Rogues are exempt from this limit (because rogues). Primary-realm Life casters are exempt in the special case of glyphs of warding, so they can still freely use the Warding True spell

* Identical quivers will now stack in inventories

* Harps can generate for non-bards again

* Weapons of Gondolin now appear slightly earlier and sometimes have random buffs

* Improved the show_discovery option (in particular, a reforged object is now recorded as discovered at the time of reforging, instead of inheriting the base object's discovery date; it is also displayed as "received" rather than "picked up" or "identified")

* The daily wanted monster is now updated at midnight even if the player's sleeping in the inn (thanks to MITZE for suggesting this)

* Fixed various typos (don't worry! There are still plenty left)

* The display_percentages option (which was a bit of an easy-mode) has been combined with the wizard mode's "show damage/hit" features into a new easy_damage birth option. (7.0.peppermint characters with display_percentages on will have easy_damage turned on if they upgrade to

* Tweaked weapon proficiency slightly (characters who previously started at Unskilled (-20) with a weapon will now start at Unskilled (-10), unless Unskilled (-20) is their maximum proficiency for that weapon). This has minimal effects on the game's balance or difficulty, but reduces proficiency-grinding tedium a bit

* Axemasters can now master hatchets (however, some of their melee bonuses still don't apply to hatchets, only to larger axes)

* Unidentified ammo is now automatically placed in the quiver if it is known to combine with ammo already in the quiver

* Pet uniques now have a chance of turning hostile if damaged by the player (this does not apply to the player's current mount)

* Monsters summoned by friendly monsters will now usually also be friendly (except in the case of stupid summoners, e.g. quylthulgs)

* Tweaked pet summoning (pets are now less likely to summon uniques, especially strong uniques)

* Friendly monsters now have a chance to turn hostile if their parent monster (group leader or summoner) was friendly and turns hostile

* Mana is now lost slightly faster if the player's pet upkeep factor is too high; and if the upkeep is totally excessive, pets may feel neglected and either dismiss themselves or turn hostile. (Thanks to vertigo for his feedback on pet upkeep)

* Fixed a bizarre issue with mana loss (the hungrier the player was, the slower mana was lost; if the player was fainting from hunger, no mana was lost at all)

* It is now possible to use capture balls on pet uniques and Nazguls

* Added more talk lines for friendly monsters

* Nerfed summoning staves in response to feedback from players. Staves of Summon Hounds, Ants and Hydras now have a meaningful chance (1/3 to 1/4) of summoning hostile monsters (note that summon hydras summons hostile reptiles rather than hostile hydras). Staves of Summon Monsters have a lower (1/10) hostility chance, but cannot summon non-hostile summoners

* Player-aligned (or player-summoned) monsters no longer receive XP for killing other player-summoned monsters (plugging an exploit mentioned by wobbly)

* Added more random artifact names (mostly for lamps and amulets)

* Added a random player name generator (based on Vanilla's random artifact name generator). The generator mostly suggests Tolkienian-sounding names, but sometimes offers a Latin-sounding name instead

* Changed hitpoint warning default from 30% to 50%

* Cancelling a throw during the targetting phase no longer costs a turn

* The object list now displays all town buildings, not just shops (partly copied from Composband 7.1.alpha). There is also a new option to display stairs in the object list (useful if you want to dive and can map the nearby area easily). This option can be speedily toggled in the object list itself by pressing S

* The highscore list and the hidden oook data now give the maximum level attained by a character, rather than current level

* Improved oook compatibility for character names with apostrophes (thanks to pav for helping with this)

* Introduced options to display equipment origins in the character dump (on as a default for winners and dead characters, off as a default for living non-winners)

* Random quest rewards can no longer be cursed (unless the game fails to generate a reward that isn't cursed)

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements
All requests, suggestions, bug reports and constructive criticism are very welcome. Good luck everybody, and have fun!
The Complainer worries about the lack of activity here these days.
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I've been eagerly anticipating this for weeks. Thanks for all your hard work!
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Ooh, nummy!
Been holding off on any serious play awaiting this.
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is there possibly something that broke with passwall monsters in mango?
just saw a ethereal drake in the angband dungeon, who wouldnt go through a wall, even though its description says it can

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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
The best way to get more feedback is to clearly let people now that their feedback has been noticed (I was amazed to see some of my suggestions implemented, from the lack of response I thought they were ignored)
As an impartial (ha!) observer, Mocht, I have to say you give a lot of feedback. I'm not the target of it, but I could easily believe it to be overwhelming. One thing you might consider doing is batching up your feedback into larger posts instead of making one post per thing you think of. That makes it easier for people to address your comments/ideas/suggestions in bulk instead of having to deal with each post individually. Can you imagine Sideways writing 40 individual posts for each of 40 posts you made to this thread?

I used to do this back in the days -- while I was playing, if I thought of something, I'd jot it down in a text file, and I'd periodically post the lists I accumulated to the group. Where one idea on its own might not be worth responding to, a dozen or so in a single post might generate more discussion and feel less like you just shouting into the void.
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Thank you for this, there is so much to try out I am gonna have to skip sleep for the next couple of weeks :=)

Originally Posted by Mocht View Post

The random name generator is fantastic

Class, race and personality can each be chosen randomly, perhaps there could be a random choice option, you select random choice, name/class/race/personality are all randomly chosen, and you are ready to play immediately

The thieves, drunkards, and mercenaries that populate the towns, could they be removed at higher character levels, for at higher levels all they do is prevent the player from going to the world map and mess up resting while waiting for recall to kick in
Agree wholeheartedly with the first two points, esp. the fully random option would be fantastic to get to know the game better (I tend to end up always picking undead or monster characters).

As to the thieves & co. thing ... your idea is one option (actually removing them as a gameplay option in fact), although the idea that these guys level up to match your character would be another one. I could see a whole mini-game developing here with mercenaries who could be hired, battle-scarred veterans who'll sell you their monster memory, etc., etc.
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* Fixed an old bug that sometimes caused staves of cure wounds to appear as staves of healing (or vice versa) in the character sheet's Statistics section
Way to falsely accuse someone of cheating, chris.

* Fixed an old bug that caused listed skeleton rewards and actual skeleton rewards to be out of sync (thanks to the person who reported this bug. Unfortunately I forgot to note who it was)
This might've been me; I know I noticed it at one point and I'm pretty sure I remarked about it on the webserver chat, but I forget if you were around at the time.

* Tourists can now sell photographs for loose change at the Journalists' Guild in Anambar
This is real cute!

* Races with more HP than spectres now have their racial HP reduced to that of the spectre while in wraithform
This is also a nice touch!

(characters who previously started at Unskilled (-20) with a weapon will now start at Unskilled (-10), unless Unskilled (-20) is their maximum proficiency for that weapon).
While I appreciate the intent behind this, I'm not sure I like the solution.
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I took nearly two years to win with a single character in PosChengband.
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Newbie question: how do we take off a stack of arrows from the quiver? Could not find it anywhere in the help files.
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wobbly will become famous soon enough
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Originally Posted by grodrigues View Post
Newbie question: how do we take off a stack of arrows from the quiver? Could not find it anywhere in the help files.
Also t, then tab to the appropriate inventory section using /
/ Works in all that show other windows options at the top of the screen.
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