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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
How about a hunger attack that knocks points off your satiation level, rather than triggering the full on vomiting effect right away. If it makes you hungry in stages, knocking you down from full to normal to hungry to starving, then you've got time to defend yourself by stuffing more food before you get to the danger level. So getting stuck in melee with a satiation-drainer could force you to chow through your whole stack of rations in succession just to make sure you don't reach the point of fainting.
O has a hunger attack, but only gives it to one very weak ghost. I think it has potential.
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
O has a hunger attack, but only gives it to one very weak ghost. I think it has potential.
DAJ has it too, but only two or three monsters have it.

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Originally Posted by Jungle_Boy View Post
Just thought I would throw in my two cents here. I think most people are looking at the Angband eceonomy and thiking it should be a stable economy, it's not. The town is more like a boomtown, a la california goldrush, dungeon diving is the middle earth equivalent of a get rich quick scheme. All the merchants are there to take advantage of the flush adventurers bearing all that valuable loot. They take it off their hands and then sell it elsewhere for ten times what they paid for it. Adventurers are just happy to get rid of it so they can get back to the dungeon and hope for that big score. Dungeon diving is an addiction as I'm sure you all know. The townspeople are the dregs of society that gravitate to that kind of town or broken down adventurers that can't afford to go anywhere else.

Anyway, that is the way I look at it. It's a boomtown where everything is more expensive than normal and stuff that is rare and valuable elsewhere is nearly commonplace.
Nice. I like this rationale.
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I'd always personally assumed that was how the town operated as well. Why else would you have a town perched on top of a giant pit full of monsters? Thanks for putting it into words nice and clearly, though.
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