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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
I had a visceral reaction of abhorrence to this idea. For me, one of the most distinguishing features, if not THE most distinguishing feature, of any great rougelike is that there are no second chances, no "extra" lives. You die, you start over from the beginning. No if's, and's, or but's. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Making @ immune from death for any period of time is tantamount to giving extra lives. You might as well be playing Pac-man.
ToME 2 has various ways to avoid death: the blood of life, a rare unique potion that 1/20 or fewer @s find, a % chance of getting ressurected if @ worships the right god and meets some other requirements and a necromancy based ability that makes you a weak ghost when you die, but if you do the right things afterwards you get back to your original form.

While I generally agree wanting a clearcut death and fresh start, I never felt that ToME2 broke the perma-death principle (unlike, say, Darkest Dungeon).
If I found the blood of life, I usually forgot about it and only was reminded in case of "death", and the other avoid-death abilities I might pick up if opportunity arrises or not, preferring some other alternative. They are not desirable enough to dominate character building.

Now an ability as described by PowerWyrm would probably disturb me, too, because it would have to be used in anticipation of great danger and thus keep me thinking about it.
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I see. For PWMAngband it makes sense because it's not turn based but real time and multiplayer (you play on a distant server), and MAngband based variants already have the "ghost" feature meaning you don't lose your character when you die, but turn into a ghost that can be resurrected. Since Priests already have the Resurrection spell, I felt that it would be nice to also have Revive. I guess it's not the same in V.
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