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How do Quivers work

Can someone provide me an overview on how the character Quiver works?
- How do you use it?
- How do you get arrows/bolts/pebbles into it?
- What are the benefits?


Thanks. Playing a mage and just reallized on the character overview that there is a quiver slot of some type.
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Wield ammo and it'll go into the quiver. All the quiver does is "compact" ammo so that it takes up fewer inventory slots. So for example if you have three stacks each with 10 ammo in them, when you equip them, your backpack will lose 1 slot to the quiver (instead of the 3 slots you lose if all the ammo is just in your backpack). If you equipped a fourth stack of 20 ammo, for 50 ammo altogether, then you'd lose 2 slots to the quiver, because each inventory slot can only hold 40 items.

There's no other effect.
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