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Sangband alchemy bug

I've just been experimenting with a Sangband alchemist, and I believe I have found a bug in alchemy:

I was wondering why I could not make Potions of Resistance, even though I have previously discovered this potion type. Looking at the edit files shows my alchemy skill was high enough for the potion's level, and since this potion has an essence cost, I assumed it was meant to be possible to make it.

The essence cost is E:ACID 1 | ELEC 1 | FIRE 1 | COLD 1 and if I copied this into the entry for other well-known potions, eg CLW, it became impossible to make those either.

Some experimentation revealed that if I put the same essences in a different order, eg E:COLD 1 | ELEC 1 | FIRE 1 | ACID 1, it became possible to make the potions.

After some more fiddling, it seems that there is a general bug: it is not possible to make any object by alchemy if ACID is the first essence listed in the cost.

This means that there is an easy workaround for any item that has multiple essences in the cost, but items that have acid as their only essence remain impossible (eg ring of acid resistance.)

Sorry if this is an already known bug, I've never experimented with alchemy before.
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This bug is noted. Once I get stuff up and running, I expect that it'll be an easy fix.
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