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Max Stats
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1. illuminated or torch lit
2. explored but not lit or out of line of sight
3. darkness/unexplored
My problem is that #2 looks too much like #1. I am used to #2 and #3 looking more or less the same, which was the behavior when "remember torch lit grids" was an option and it was turned off.

Right now, there is one visual for "floor". If there were separate visuals for #1, #2, and #3, that could be used as a workaround and you could customize what each one would look like. I don't know if this makes sense in the way things are coded, tough.

For my part, I have my workaround and if we want to leave things as they are I will still be happy.

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I have no difficulty telling the difference between all three of those; it does require you to recognize how bright a lit square in LOS is though. With "remember torchlit squares" off, 2 and 3 in fact are identical.
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