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Originally Posted by BlackFlame View Post
That's largely what I've been doing, using mostly the suggestions in this thread as my list of candidates. Although maybe you're right, and I should play with Vanilla a bit more. It's just that the added character customization after birth that many of the variants I'm leaning toward have seems so much more interesting than the simple classes of Vanilla.

Of course, I could probably get more out of that customization if I could go more than 10 floors or so without dying, so that's probably another point for more Vanilla play.

In any case, thanks for the recommendations so far, folks. I've found a lot of them to be really interesting. I just hope I improve enough soon to see all they have to offer.
I can easily see how Vanilla may not appeal to those wishing for a more diverse experience, but there is the problem that some of the best variants are not even remotely newbie-friendly, and one has to start somewhere

Though perhaps if you're already familiar with the roguelike genre, none of the variants will be too daunting.

I'm not sure if it's reasonable to suggest Entroband for someone new to *bands, but it definitely has a *lot* of flexibility when it comes to character customization --- both during character creation and during actual play. I like to play in Vanilla-town mode because I prefer playing with only one dungeon, so the effect is basically that I'm playing Vanilla but with tons more races, classes, items, monsters, and insanity.
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My first *band was Unangband. I liked it, but then I found this board and rgra and decided to give Vanilla a shot. Been playing it ever since. I'm by no means the typical gamer, though. I like stripped down gameplay. I feel like people tend to add stuff to the game at the expense of core gameplay improvements. I went back to Un later and was peeved by the lack of squelch and the general difficulty of using spell targeting macros.
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For very similar reasons, I do like Daaj.

It has the simple approach of Vanilla, but with with more interesting monster descriptions and some fun tweaks like alertness.

It also has the option to find gold through exploration rather than carting random junk around to sell.

then again, I personally tend to be much more interested in the exploration aspects of *band than the statistical management side.

the only thing I really miss in Daaj is additional quests, ---- and as yet I haven't found a varient which has both quests and easily visible tyles other than Unangband.

Sinse I haven't done more than tinker with unangband though, this isn't completely bad though.
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Quickband is very noobfriendly but it's not just "EasyBand" or "DemoBand" or something like that, it's a proper variant that is short and that even experienced Banders like to play in a while.

Quickband was the first Angband game and I finished it on my fourth serious try - I'm not counting games very I died at the very first character levels as I generally take lots and lots of stupid risks in the beginning before I have anything to lose.

First serious game as a Half-Troll Warrior, came to the point where Uruks where my worst threat but died to some Black Orcs. Second attempt, same race, same class. Realized how dangerous Umber-Hulks and anything casting spells were, died at the hands of one some really nasty Creeping Coins. I was at clvl 28 or something like that and had just recieved my bonus blow as a warrior.

I came to realize that whilte Half-Trolls were great at the start of the game they lost their advantages and more when the game was getting more magical. Next up was a Dunadan Paladin. The game was really promising but I finally met my doom when I was holding down the arrow key in a corridor and got poison breathed to death by a Basilisk. My second game as a Dunadan Paladin scored home a victory though, shortly after speed rings had started to appear.

A nice thing about Quickband is that not only your race and class matters but also your stats... Since there are no stat potions in the game and the stats affect your character more (e.g. your dex affects speed) you'll have to choose wisely in the beginning... But the end game isn't as hard in Quickand so even though you picked a character that aren't totally munchkin you should be able to make it...
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I almost forgot Portalis, that game is both complex and beginner friendly at the same time! During a game of Portalis you you'll not only have to make decisions about the "skill build" of your character but you also get to choose dialogue options, moral decisions, etc.

Portalis seems a bit unpolished at times, though... But at least it doesn't seem too hard, when I tried it out I made many dives into the closest dungeon and I didn't die a single time!
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The beauty of all Roguelikes lies in the fact that they are turn-based. That means that you can spend as much time as you possibly need, every turn, to figure out what to do next. It's like Chess with only one piece, and a really REALLY big board...
Play the Vanilla version a bit. Heck, most of the game can be tweaked and edited with WordPad in the simple text files, located in the lib/edit/ directory. Play around with it and experiment. Just be sure and make backups of every file in that directory you modify...
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