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[Poschengband] Early game, good sources of gear?

Hello folks,

So with some advice from earlier threads and a lot of watching YT and reading has got me to where I can start to get a character going in Poschengband. Usually it's some bad luck and poor play that kills me, not anything that's a mystery to me.

But I am curious where people recommend I go to start getting non-terrible equipment (and what constitutes non-terrible equipment). I headed over to Angband after clearing the stronghold but it seems like those quests are gone? And for mages, orcs are brutal (they just take so many hits and tap out my mana so fast, before I have eat magic to supplement drinking expensive potions).

Does anyone have any advice how start thinking about gearing up in more recent versions of poschengband?

Last edited by Bimodal; July 5, 2017 at 00:43. Reason: linking to show I went to L6/L7 and had no quest?
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Ironshod Al
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I haven't played mages in PosChengband, so I can't advice on gear or survival.

The quests in Angband are still available, but they are now found at random levels. It's mentioned in the short changelog posted by chris here: [Announce] PosChengband 6.1.0 Released

Originally Posted by chris
Changes this release include:
[1] Quest sequence in Angband is now random. You won't know what levels contain quest monsters. But, you can safely leave a quest level if you like and the quest monster will patiently await your return. You decide how to play this, but the game is more fun if you try to complete quests on the first attempt, only backing out if the foe is ridiculously OP (e.g. Malekith on DL35 before you have nether resistance).
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