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Here, there be dragons!


I've been killing baby dragons for awhile now. Recently graduated to young dragons. Today, I ran away from a basilisk on level 33, went all the way through level 34, and in the last room on the map, I found a baby dragon, a young dragon, and an Ancient Green.

Yeah, I should have run away again. But, I potted up with speed, read a Holy Chant, found the best spot for my level 29 ranger, targeted the baby, then the young, and finally the Ancient.

Well, yes, of course that old Grand-daddy came after me. No way was I taking him out with just bolts, without takiing a few hits! I only had to quaff three CCW and two Neutralize Poisons - his hit points were going down pretty quickly when I started swinging Gondricam!

Dang, I'm psyched up now!!

This sure beats the scrumming I did earlier in the day to find all those potions of speed!


Yeah, I know - all you veterans are just laughing because I'm nowhere near ready for the deep dungeons.

Experience points? Not sure - did I get 6000 points off of that encounter? Last time I remember looking, I needed around 10k for next level. Right now, I need 3,374. Wow, that's a lot of XP if so!
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