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Wink Making ancient dragons even larger.

An idea just occurred to me while working on JBand. Fonts that support Japanese have the set of standard alphanumeric and punctuation characters repeated with twice the width. It suddenly occurred to me that you could use this to have ancient dragons and other large monsters take up two grids instead of one!

Apart from making them look scarier, they would be unable to follow you down narrow north-south tunnels.

#    @
# #####
# #
# #####
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Donald Jonker
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This would even be in theme.. imagine them breathing down the corridor after you. Give them some tunneling ability as well. Very interesting if done thoughtfully.

POWDER has some monsters like this, including the final boss. It doesn't break the game, though it probably breaks the monster.
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It reminds me of this:
A(3.2.0) C "Angdiira II" DP L:36 DL:44(2200') A+ R+ Sp w:Whip of Westernesse(+10,+10)(+2)
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Multi-tile monsters in general would be a nice addtion - it always bugged me that a kobold has the same (ingame) size as a x-headed hydra or ancient dragon...
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