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What's the best way to use the Ladder?

Hey Angbanders,

I've been wondering how the ladder on this website is meant to be used. Is it just for uploading characters after the end of a game? Or can you upload a beginning character and post updates as the character develops (and eventually dies)?

Also, I'd like to participate in the ladder but I'm a brand-new player and all my characters will probably be a bit lame for a while until I get the hang of things. Is it OK to post lame characters? Or is the ladder for celebrating good characters?

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You set it in a stable position and climb on it when you have to reach an item which is too high for you.

Oh, wait, wrong ladder.

Don't worry, it is perfectly fine to post characters there even at low levels, and update them as they progress (or die horribly). It is useful to ask for advice, for instance. Or brag about those shiny boots of speed you found at level 1.
And arguably it is useful to have more low-level deaths there, since they can be useful to the devs for statistical analyses. More data is always better.

Use it as you prefer and don't worry, no one will get offended.
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Awesome, I've just posted the character from my current (actually, first) game:
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wobbly will become famous soon enough
I post as I play, mostly for my own reference, but I like when others do too. This way you can see how a player adapts & shifts their gear. A winners post only shows the end game equipment & setup. Also a stupid death post is great for what to avoid. Also if you want advice, post & ask questions on the forum. People will find it easier to answer your questions if you link to the character dump.
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I used ladder to research what equipment other people use, and how high the particular character can get on the certain stats.
That is how I learnt that Ring of Damage sometimes better than Ring of Power.
Or that Mace of Disruption is preferred over artifact items.
It also helped me to make my own shopping list for Morgoth.
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