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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta20 "Shaloren Homeland" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta20 ! See

This release focuses on some bugfixes and gameplay improvements (and even more super tiles!)

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Many fixes
* Yeek starting zone somewhat more easy
* New starting zones and town for the Shaloren (more races to follow)
* New particle engine that should lag less on multicore CPUs
* New Fighter tree: Battle Tactics
* Temporal Warden upgrades to make them easier to start
* Many quality-of-life improvements

Expanded changelist:
* More sweet tiles!
* Fix artifact duplication when golem picks them up
* Fix Dominant Will talent tooltip
* Melee attacks now display a visual feedback
* Murgol Lair now has a stair up on level 1
* Ritches in the Ritches tunnel now have only 40% fire resist
* Trap damage randomization changed so they do not get 100 or more damage at level 1
* When hit a creature now has a quick visual indicator that it is it, like blood stains. All creatures have their own blood color (most are red but not all, even some player races )
* Reworked talents in Shadows to make developing shadows more fun and useful.
* Replaced Feed Life (passive boost to feed that steals life) with Devour Life (steal life attack used while feeding)
* Minor fixes and tweaks to Doomed/Cursed.
* Changing stats should correctly update life/mana/...
* Firebeam talent range set to 7 instead of 70...
* All egos/artifacts now have a line defining what kind of power made them (nature, arcane, master craftsmanship)
* Curse of Magic quest changed: Now doable starting from level 10 it will not request that you level without magic, instead upon entering the challenge all magical abilities and items will be forever disabled for the character
* Resolve is now learnt at 1/5 when learning antimagic
* Antimagic will forever prevent the use of spells, corruptions, runes, divine talents and arcane powered items
* Can not escort magic people when you have been trained by the ziguranth
* Portal to Angolwen will be disabled if you use antimagic
* The mage apprentice will have an appropriate reaction when meeting an antimagic character
* Bill in the Trollmire can only get a wild or heroism infusion, no heal or regenerate
* Ben should correctly appear in the temporal rift
* Temporal rift is only usable once
* Temporal rift zone is less dark
* Fix crippling shot description
* Autopickup gems
* Resting in water will not suffocate you to death
* Fix a possible bug when accepting the Grand Corruptor quest
* Fix crash in the shadow crypt
* Golem Power works even on the first talent screen
* Hymn of Detection now grants some stealth and invis detection
* Paradox cost scaling reduced and paradox costs rebalanced
* Temporal archery tree adjusted
* Speed-control tree adjusted
* Temporal wardens should be more playable at level one
* Pickaxes can be hotkeyed even with one in inventory
* Aeryn in the endfigth will not get angry to the player
* Resurrecting now happens on the spot of the last party member death
* Creatures summoned by summoners now also are affected by summon destabilization
* Humans, Halflings, Dwarves and Elves now start with the Orb of Scrying directly
* Yeeks have a talent to merge their mind with the Way to identify stuff (and also grant passive mundane ID as the orb)
* Undeads have a talent to recall their past life memories to identify stuff (and also grant passive mundane ID as the orb)
* Adventure mode resurrection changed, the player is now taken to an other plane where she/he can rest and then go back
* Meditation works around friendlies
* Summoners do not start with a useless staff
* The game will not switch to development profile if online profile is not logged in
* Reduced a bit the alpha channel of clouds in the Old Forest
* Stairs/ways/.. now appear again on the minimap
* Fixed psionic gem wielding when the gem has no material level
* Insane mode changed: Removed damage bonus to NPCs, instead they get higher talent levels
* Insane mode now does NOT increase the level of objects
* Cause of deaths are correctly logged again
* Tweaked the colldown of some infusions/runes
* Escape works to cancel yes/no popups
* Keen Senses and Arcane Eye switched places
* The temporal rift bosses now are blood linked
* Epidemic now reduce the target's healing receieved
* The Storming the City quest can be alternatively completed with the help of Zigur
* Killing the Shade or Bill correctly triggers the quest for people who did not have it yet
* ActorProject can now use a "args" field to it's particle settings
* Reduced the stat effect on NPC runes/infusions
* Flying texts will not appear over unseen targets
* Infusions/Runes are now affected by staturation effects. If used quickly in a row their cooldown increases (a little)
* Psi talents do not always deactivate at 0 energy
* Infusions/runes on bosses have longer cooldown
* Rod of Recall will not drop in tutorial mode
* Disperse Magic only works on spell sustains
* The portals in the endgame correctly disable with orbs of command instead of the orb of many ways
* Fix Moon/Star pairing
* Life regen is now affected by healing factor
* New infusion: Insidious Poison, spit a bolt of poison at the target, doing nature damage per turn and reducing healing received
* Orc wyrmics/soldiers base level increased to 10 (they should not appear in the trollmire)
* New Fighters high tree: Battle Tactics
* Shaloren start in their own zone (the Scintillating caves)
* NPCs have a limit on the maximun types of inscriptions they can get at once (like they can never have more than one healing, never more than one protection, ...)
* ESP is only computed when needed
* New town: Elvala, the Shaloren home city
* New zone: Rhaloren Camp, second Shaloren starting zone
* Undeads can not use Infusions
* ui.Checkbox control
* Particle engine optimized some more to compute stuff only when needed
* Overhauled the particles code, most particle computations now run in separate thread(s), this should prevent them from lagging the game on multicore CPUs
* Detect number of CPUs and create particles threads accordingly
* Weather disable option
* 60% of will and cunning now used to determine Beyond the Flesh damage
* Swapped Shield Discipline effect with Absorption mastery effect
* Swapped Aura Discipline effect with Projection mastery effect
* Augmentation tooltip fixed, nerfed slightly
* Base shields don't absorb as much energy per point of damage. Spiked shields absorb much more.
* Auras drain less energy
* Base shields nerfed, spikes buffed
* Base shields absorb lower percentage of incoming damage
* Spiked shields apply to 100% of incoming damage
* Nerf Reshape Weapon slightly
* Reshape Weapon and Reshape Armor have 0 cost
* Shields don't use turn
* Auras do more damage
* Arena update, Ziguranth inside should not be friendly
* Random birth selection is noted in the log
* Removed the line in the yeek wayist dialogthat can fail the unlock
* Rush now apply a small daze on hit
* New video option: gamma correction
* Fix mold vault
* Poison water now poisons
* ActorResource can now set a minimun on ressources
* Equilibrium from sustains can not be lost with meditation
* Thermal leech uses a new, more appropriate damage type
* Updated leech talent tooltips for clarity
* Increased damage of Charge Leech
* Increased duration of Thermal Leech's freeze effect
* Fix Reflective Skin
* Object that activate for talents wont trigger the cooldown if the player has that talent
* NPCs controlled by yeek powers give exp for kills
* Maybe fix random blackscreen
* Beyond the Flesh works with artifacts
* Wielding a weapon telekineticaly wont prevent wielding normal ones
* Many spelling fixes
* Default gamma correction set to 1.2
* Trollmire clouds project their shadow on the ground
* Hexes do not affect the caster
* Tweaked the endgame bosses
* The endgame boss zone has been put in its own level, things should not teleport out
* Mouse wheel works in the hotkey panel
* Socketing your golem does not use the whole pile of gems
* Move the project up a level because I'm freaking sick of the extra layer every single timemac
* Savvy talent grants the correct experience bonus
* Fixed material level on some artifact gems
* Talents resolver can resolve subresolvers
* Fix loading saves on windows when the user has unicode in his windows username
* Prevent timed effects from being removed multiple times
* Can not set traps over traps
* Fix rare sandworm tunnelers bug
* Add a correct description to the Yeek Wayist
* Murgol Lair and the Ritches Tunnels have a much higher ratio of lite rooms
* Add shield damage description
* Improved the contrast of the party icons life bars
* Party icon tooltip now indicates life
* Mouse run now avoids traps
* Running now only stops when on an object, not twice
* Running over an object only stops the first time you run there
* Fix hotkey 8 of the third page
* Fixed giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage (and added some more effects to it)
* New achievement for giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage
* Beyond the Flesh will not work on the worldmap
* Shield Wall does gradual stun&knockback resist

Have fun!
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