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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta22 aka "Till the blood runs clear" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta22 ! See

Piles of new stuff, classes, racial trees, zones, lores, quests and more!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Many fixes
* New class: the Paradox Mage, a pure caster chronomancer class!
* New class: the Brawler, a barehanded stance-based melee combatant
* New zones: orc breeding pits, the ring of blood, the golem graveyard
* New quests
* Racial trees: each race now has a racial tree further defining it
* NPCs scale better with levels
* Many tweaks

Expanded changelist:
* Elandar and Argoniel now have fixed resistances, no more physical immune endgame bosses
* Added resolvers.levelup() (check how it works on ToME's dragons)
* resolvers.talents{} can now take a table for each talent value which specifies how and when the talent is level'ed up
* Dragons have lost summoning; but they are now more formidable foes
* Added an option to not have chats appear in the game log
* Rings and amulets can now be double egos
* New options to select UI style, font style and font size; Small screen users rejoince!
* Fix a bug when putting on an inscription of which type you have too many already
* Fix bloodied lore notes
* Fix presing escape when using the Attack talent
* Fix a bug with Extract Gem
* Lore popups can be exited with Enter
* Fix Arcane Combat trigger %
* Fix Flare
* Archery now behaves more like other bolt spells, it can be targetted to empty squares
* Right click map menu now shows the projection path (just like when targetting manually)
* Stealth will not make the world fully grey, itwill only tarnish the colors a bit
* Updated the Main Menu with the new tiles and more level types
* Zones now have material level restrictions. Gone are the days of degenerated skeleton warriors powning you with voratun greatswords!
* Artifacts sold to shops will now be gone forever.
* Most things that happened on actor's turn now happen on game's turn. Due to this change Movement Infusion, Lightning Speed and Step Up now provide their buff for a veyr low number of turns (usualy one or two), but since they are game turns they give ample player turns
* Changed the drop system to a two steps system: First the game chooses the quality of the item (unique, double greater, greater, ...) and then the actual object is selected. Quality chance varies by levels and by drop source (bosses obviously drop better stuff).
* Sunwall is no longer automatically hostile to the assassin's lair
* Snow Giant Boulder Throwers are now distinguishable from the ground in the Daikara
* Changed how movement speed bonuses affect actors, to prevent running into the negatives!
* Changed the checkhit method to make low and high results more significant
* Fix Gem Golem
* Replace Mana Tap with Supercharge Golem for Alchemists - it will instantly bring back a dead golem to life and give it a big regen boost and damage boost
* Lowered Celerities movement speedbonus
* Lowered AP and Damage on Weapon Folding
* Made the stun on Borrowed Time irresistable and lowered the actual effect duration so it coincides with the tooltip
* Decreased Quantum Feed and Strength of Purpose stat increases but increased saving throw bonus
* New option to disable left click movement
* Immovable creatures can not be knocked back
* Eternal Bone Golems changed color slightly to be visible in Tannen's tower
* Reduced sustain cost of Quicken Spells
* Make the Fall of Zigur reward more obvious
* Fix tracking of Pyromancer & Cryomancer achievements
* Fixed Derth after the lightning quest - they wont thank the mages if you sided with Zigur
* Norgan will correctly levelup now
* Curse of Death now fully prevents regen (not healing)
* Orc ambushes now use a slightly bigger map with slightly fewer orcs
* Fix Reavers dual wielding a 2h weapon and a 1h weapon
* Traps can be placed in adjacent tiles again
* Bellowing Roar now uses strength for the save test
* Creatures now levelup stats as bonuses, they can go over 100
* Rune: Speed does not take a turn to activate anymore
* The C core is not split into a shared library (.so/.dll/...). The game executable is now a very simple runner that takes a core name and dynamically loads and runs it. This will allow the game to make updates even if the C core changes, since it can simply download the new dll and place it along the other engine stuff. This means that in the future when a module needs a version of the engine no present it will simply download it and switch to it. Same for old savefiles, they will use the current module & engine version to run.
* Zigur arena and Derth arena now allows to collect loot before leaving
* Middle mouse click can be assigned to talents too
* Pressing escape on the self target dialog will properly cancel
* Objects with activates now spend their turns after being activated
* Fixed donation dialog
* Fix description radius on some psi talents
* Target passing between NPCs only happens when theyr are friendly (not neutral) toward one another. This should fix the "veneration" of alchemists in towns
* Dropping (destroying) and item from the inventory will correctly update inventory
* Rename Attack to Accuracy
* The mage apprentice can not pop in a spot where it blocks your character
* Teleport is now allowed again on the endboss fight but controlled phase door will have somewhat higher chance of fizzling
* Reshape Weapon/Armour can not be used on quest items
* Bloodbath now correctly resets its duration when a new crit happens, instead of decreasing and re-increasing the total life
* Limmir now creates artifact amulets (normal ring making is still available)
* Dominate Will does not work on Sandworm tunnelers
* All races now possess racial talents that can be learned using generic talents
* Humanoid NPCs now have access to racial trees, jsut like the players
* Vaults now use the new loot table system, they improve the default zone drops and thus are guaranted to store great items
* Psionic focus slot now has a quickslot version, and switches with 'X'
* Aura spike damage nerfed to not scale so ridiculously with willpower
* Thermal aura spike damage reduced to balance the huge area of effect
* Reshaping something that already has negative fatigue no longer sets it to zero
* Charged Leech now properly returns energy when it strikes the killing blow
* Superhuman leap renamed and no longer causes problems when you land directly on somebody
* Damage from auras and Beyond the Flesh attacks will now break Wild Speed
* Leech cooldowns reduced
* Shield of Light should no longer break when under the effects of burning hex
* Better running algorithm
* Recalling will fail when you can not move, to prevent being stuck on the worldmap
* The Slime tree is back, for antimagic users!
* Antimagic users when they get a magic escort can pretend to accept to help. The ending will be different though.
* New fun lore about halflings
* New lore: The Legend of Garkul, in the Gurshnak pride. This is a very long and epic tale. You *want* to read it
* New zone encounter in the east: the Orc Breeding Pit, with some new interresting lore giving a new perspective on the orcs
* Added new npcs: liches; they are very rare and qutie physicaly weak. But they will destroy you if you let them play
* Most NPCs now scale better with level, they levelup their innate melee damage if they dont use a weapon and they levelup their talents
* Reduced Bill HP somewhat
* Bosses get a few more HP
* Returning from the Eidolon plane now tries evry hard to place you on the map
* Correct dwarf intro text
* Fix bug when saving profile data would error out while saving the game
* Prevent color bleeding in talent requirements
* Townfolk now can have random chatter when backup guardians are up
* New tiles for the Daikara
* New zone: the Golem Graveyard
* Random worldmap encounters that create an entry to a zone are now on the map (randomized) since birth (this thus does not affect "trap-door" encounters)
* Recreated Last Hope
* Most towns now have split shops (light armour, haevy armour, swords, axes, ...)
* Shops now only restock upon "important" game events (which is not often)
* Fixed Carrier
* New quest: the brotherhood of alchemists. Go talk to your favorite aclehmist(s)!
* Yeeks get their very own special game ending when beating the sorcerers
* The endgame text can now vary based on various actions done in quests
* New achievement for saving Melinda
* Siding with the grand corruptor now has an impact on endgame text
* New class: Paradox Mage. That's it: chronomancy to its fullest! Time manipulation, timetravel, multiple timelines, age control, ... You name it, they've got it! (Note: unlock might now be what it appears. Think paradox.)
* New quest for Temporal Wardens
* "Quick" weapon ego now increases weapon speed, not global attack speed
* Dwarves dont start on a staircase to the worldmap anymore
* Golem can not pickup plot items
* Plot items are described as such
* 10 new vaults!
* New class: Brawlers, they are unarmed melee fighters with difference combat stances and grappling attacks
* New random encounter: the Ring of Blood
* Player tiles
* Tactical display now has a special contour for bosses and for the player.
* Reworked the Gates of Morning
* Temporal Wardens no longer have access to the Temporal Archery tree but Spacetime Folding is less melee specific
* Borrowed Time now increases global speed by 100% to account for timed effect changes
* Foresight now only triggers when the attack does 10% or more of your hit points
* New Spactime Folding talent, Swap. This replaces Kinetic Folding
* Inverted Campaign and Difficulty selection on birth. Removed stupid combos (like Arena/Adventure as extra lifes never worked there)
* Paradox damage scaling effects lessened at high and low values

Have fun!
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Is that all?
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