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How to deal with monsters having Reflection?

In poschengband I am playing as a grey-mage, and currently almost cleared Labyrinth. Minotaur has fallen, but there are unique called "It" and a monster called "Colbran". They both have "Reflection" ability, and I cannot do anything to them - my spells bounces back to me in 9 out of 10 casts! My melee is pathetic and I have nothing to throw at them (just to test).

In time to time their reflection fails (so it seems) and I manage to deal some damage to them, but then I have to Teleport myself away to heal up, and in when I find them later they also have health back to full.

It seems that I won't be able to do anything right now, but for the future - what to do with that kind of monsters?
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Use Ball attacks (even 0 radius ball attacks are fine). A grey-mage should probably have access to some decent ones. If you're a Life/Crusade grey-mage you can use Orb, in fact, you should be using it.
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Reflection only works on bolt spells, so as Philip mentioned you can still hit those monsters with ball spells like Holy Orb or Fist of Force, beam spells like Doom Bolt, or even rockets or breath spells (not that you'll have those at your level).

If you see a wand of whirlpool in the black market somewhere you should pick it up -- It's a ball so it can't be reflected, plus water is a very rarely resisted element, PLUS it can inflict stunning. Wands of fireballs etc can also work, but many reflective monsters also resist the four base elements.
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Great, thanks!
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