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i always forgot to report that, i also have seen randarts where the activation is redundant because of a permanent power.
"i can take this dracolich"
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I found an otherwise unremarkable randart yesterday that activated to restore DEX. Not really useful, but I love the increased randomness of randarts.
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Main Gauche of Angol (3d5) (+11, +5) <+3, +1>
Dropped by Brodda, the Easterling at 550 feet (level 11)

+3 intelligence
+1 wisdom
+1 constitution
+1 tunneling
+1 attack speed
Slays demons (powerfully), giants, trolls, evil creatures.
Branded with poison.
Provides resistance to fire.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Grants the ability to see invisible things. Blessed by the gods.

When activated, it restores your constitution.
Takes 82 to 100 turns to recharge.

At this depth, definitely a game-changer.
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Pete Mack
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Estie missed posting this from his recent win in the ladder. It deserves special mention. (And yes, this is V 4.1.3 randarts.) He is getting 2 extra blows off-weapon as well.

Activates for *Heal*, and it *doesn't even aggravate* is just guilding the lily.

a) the Mace of Disruption 'Tumlalmar' (8d8) (+15,+15) <+2, +3>
Dropped by Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger at 4850 feet
(level 97)

+2 strength.
+3 intelligence.
Slays dragons (powerfully), demons (powerfully), undead, giants,
animals, evil creatures.
Branded with acid.
Provides resistance to acid, chaos.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Sustains constitution.
Blessed by the gods.

When activated, it heals 1200 hit points, cut damage, and cures
stunning, poisoning, blindness, and confusion.
Takes 588 to 792 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 94.3%

Combat info:
7.0 blows/round.
This weapon may benefit from one or more off-weapon brands or
Average damage/round: 1040.9 vs. creatures not resistant to
poison, 1368.5 vs. creatures not resistant to acid, 2023.7 vs.
dragons, 2023.7 vs. demons, 1368.5 vs. undead, 1368.5 vs. giants,
1040.9 vs. animals, 1040.9 vs. evil creatures, and 713.3 vs.
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Thanks for rectifying that, then. Yes, it has all the goodies except for extra blows, and it only slays (not *slays*) undead. Bummer (:

A toast on Thuringwethil, who generously donated this masterwork piece by her timely demise.
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