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Morgoth doing more than 600 damage in a single round

I couple of months ago, my comp97 character died while fighting Morgoth, and I didn't exactly understand why: I had over 600HP, but died before I could act again. The "post your latest insta-death" thread got me thinking about this again, and I believe I now understand what happened:

Morgoth has two "HIT:SHATTER:20d10" attacks. If he hits with one, the average damage from the attack is 110, reduced by armor. The earthquake from the SHATTER then does additional damage, which is not reduced by armor. If you are standing in a location with no "safe" grids to be pushed to, you get the "You are severely crushed!" message, and the additional damage done by the quake is 300 HP. On top of which, since you were not displaced by the quake, Morgoth can then swing at you again with another SHATTER attack (and potentially follow that up with a "HIT:LOSE_ALL:10d12" attack).

So, if you get severely crushed twice in a single round (as happened to my poor Hanna), you can easily take over 700 HP from Morgoth in a single round. I admit the odds of it happening are low, but it is something to consider.

Any chance we could get the "severely crushed" damage reduced to 200? Or possibly set the "do_break" flag in monster/melee1.c even if the player is not pushed away?
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