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Sangband Updates

There's been a lot of frustration over the quit-without-saving bug, and there have been a few other bugs that have been discovered. Although the big two bugs (crash and town-display) have not beed fixed, I think they might be local to the SDL version of the windows port. To that extent, I'm releasing a windows-no-SDL version. If you get random crashes with this version too (in Windows), please let me or the group know.


Sangband 100 late-fix 1 (bug fixes):

Additionally, I've made some gameplay changes that I hope will make the game more fun. It's not an official version, so let me know which features you enjoy. It's got all the bugfixes too.

Sangband 100 unofficial 1 (gameplay changes):

The non-SDL version won't play music, so music is not included. The sounds are actually pretty large, so if you want them (they haven't changed), you can download them here (they belong in lib/xtra/sound):

Bugs (both versions)
* Quests should no longer repeat, at least it should be really unlikely now, this time for sure.
* Some effects of doomspells will no longer be activated with wands of spark!
* Wielding a 2-hander while wielding two weapons no longer deletes the weapon on the arm.
* Items which cure stunning no longer automatically identified (a fix in set_stun)
* Throwing now displays the ability to take the Oath of Iron properly
* Plasma Hounds gain IM_FIRE, as they're plasma breathers
* Turns now displayed in character screen
* Stores should now order items properly

Gameplay changes (unofficial only)
* Perception grants infravision to make shadowstalkers more playable (at 10, 30, 50 and 70)
* Infravision maps interesting terrain
* Narya, Nenya given more personality
* Rings of Ice, Fire, Electricity, Acid, and Venom now have EASY_KNOW -- this way their resistances will show up on character screen properly, and since they're never cursed, it shouldn't be a big deal.
* Give Tuor invisibility flag, reduce pval to 3; give Luthein invisibility flag
* Device penalty is now 33% for Oath of Iron characters
* Worn (non-artifact) equipment is now easier to activate
* Decrease Oath of Iron requirement to 25, and slingers get it at the same point as everyone else
* Penalty to skills starts at power-10, rather than (power-8)*8/10
* Light Sources of Darkness added (useful for shadowstalkers), cursed lanterns less common.
* Oathbound Burglars pick locks, chests, disarm, and use devices just fine in the dark
* Allowed for gauntlets to have slays and brands which should apply to all attacks, not used yet
* Oathbound burglars get "Darkness" talent (mapped to "[-")
* No longer gain XP for casting new spells (it's like learning the entire second book at once)
* Power of a brand increases with skill -- damage bonus ranges from 1/3 to 3/2 the previous value
* Scale mana/HP when changing wielded objects
* Stores show their investment

Additional code cleanup by Christer Nyfält

Known Bugs
* Town graphics bug
* Game crash bug
* Jeweled mimics don't show up in recall properly until you kill them

Hopefully the first two of these are local to the SDL port, and therefore releasing a Windows port without SDL will clear these up for the time being.
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