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Originally Posted by TJA View Post
I am not sure anymore that a Wikki can do what i want.

I want something like this forum - i can just write an URL and in my webbrowser this will be shown as clickable link.

This way i want to easily manage whole pages of URLs - for use in a webbrowser.

If i do this in the wikki, it will destroy my page formating ...
If i write the URLs within "{{{", the URLs will not be clickable :-(

Any idea?

Ups - this is quite Off Topic.
Forget trying to host something yourself. Just set up a blog on (or any of the competition), create a links section (like I have on the right hand side of mine) and copy and paste the links in you want.
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Probably not too good and a hack'ish way, but maybe setting up a php script that just converts the URLs the way you want?
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No, Andrew - i always do such things myself
I mean "try" to do them myself

FUME, thought of this already and am trying to combine a bash-Skript with my Wiki.
This way i could edit the list in a webbrowser and still have a revision history and also get a usefull HTML page to show ...

It seems, i need a HTML formatter from a forum.

We will see
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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post
Is there any reason you chose a wiki for this particular project? I'm confident a blog would do the same e.g. I hold my opinions strongly one at a time, and tend to forget about them later
I thought about this quite a bit. My blog is like a diary - a chronological record of everything and nothing. It's not about anything in particular, in the way that yours is.

I know I could have used a blog for the whole thing, but I chose to separate the stuff which is about what's currently happening (blog) and the stuff which is my long-term opinions and interests (wiki). The former is really only of interest to my family and friends. The latter, when it gets a bit more populated, will hopefully be where I attract other people to read and post stuff.

The other reason was simply that I wanted to try setting up and managing a wiki. Which reminds me, I still haven't worked out how to let people log in and create new pages. Ho hum.

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I found something like "ReStructuredText" = RST that *may* be able to do what i want
Bad thing is, Wiki, Python and Apache do not seem to like my docutils Installation ... needs more time :-(
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