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Originally Posted by caruso View Post
Here it is. However, contrary to my first understanding, the problems assert themselves not only during, but also before the system upgrade (installation of additional programs made impossible etc.).
ok, thanks for sharing.
In my answer, I mainly referred to offical repos, while you probably meant third-party repos. If a package is in the *official* Ubuntu repos, or in some widely adopted third-party ones such as Medibuntu, then this should be your first choice, no doubt on that. If instead you have to choose between some strange third-party PPA or compiling from source, then you are right that the choice is not that clear, and both may land you into some dependency hell.
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Mikko Lehtinen
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Installing third-party apps is probably safer in stabile platforms like Debian Stable or CentOS than rolling distributions. If you lock your system to Debian Squeeze, for example, you can be fairly sure that dependency hell doesn't surface later on.
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I must admit I haven't run into dependency hell from a PPA but maybe Im just lucky
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Therem Harth
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Depending on what you're compiling, you may be able to tell the build system to compile it statically. This should (I think!) prevent it from breaking in the course of most updates, at the cost of making the binaries a lot bigger.
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THough nothing that would be fancied by people who are not really that familiar with it, being able to compile software on our own will make you more knowledgeable over the whole thing. I mean, it would be easier for you to understand how everything works and hot they are made to happen.

But in any case, there aren't always things that would let you accomplish what you have in mind so I think that would be really important to stay close with.
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