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FrogComposband - Berserker Questions

I'm playing my first Berserker and holy cow are they powerful. I'm CL 34 and have 1,050 HP and do 900 points damage per round (well over 1000 against undead and giants, so looking forward to Old Watchtower). I knew they'd be powerful, but right now it feels like a grown man playing basketball with a toddler. Of course pride cometh before the fall...

I'm playing a Human (for the quick level gains), Chaotic, and in coffee-break mode.

Anyway my question: is there any way for this class to ever get Illumination or Enlightenment? Is there something I'm missing or will you go the entire game without ever having these? I thought I was being clever taking Peerless Tracker at CL20, not realizing I'd have a 95% fail rate. Does this ever get better?

Also, are missile weapons basically not used by Berserkers? Is the bow slot just used as a stat-stick?
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