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[Frog] A proposal for statues

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
There is currently no use for statues (other than selling if you play with selling on). The idea of a class or monster-race that would actually use statues for something has been suggested a couple times, but not yet implemented.

I've a idea for statues (I'll try to explain with my poor english):

I imagine some statues as ancient relics (with magic powers), and some others as imitations (forgeries) of ancient relics. Some statues are especial relics that became activable if you carry them in your inventory 'x' turns/days (another option: when you reach 'x' CL or 'x' DL with them in your inventory); some other statues are completely useless. I mean: the "price" to pay for identifying which statues are useful and which are not, would be to spend a space in your inventory for him for x time (or until the hero reaches a certain character level, or dungeon level). The more powerful the statue's power, the greater the number of days you have to carry it before its power becomes usable (or higher the CL or DL). The most powerful statues may require carrying around most of the game before became activable. Consequently, adventurers with more faith in their luck can risk carrying around a totally useless statue without ever knowing whether they are useful or not. The greater the faith in your luck, the greater the reward or the greater the disappointment.

"Should I throw this fucking statue, or is it about to reveal its secrets to me in the next turn?" XD

Option: Its price in stores could be random. I mean: sometimes a useless trinket could be worth a lot of money, and sometimes a very powerful relic (seemingly fake) could be worth very little money.

Option: perhaps there could be a special type of scroll that reveals the activation conditions of the statue in question (in which case, I am in favor of a small percentage of those scrolls being able to lie).

Option: maybe some statues only become activatable in combination with others. That is: if you have the right partner in your inventory, their power "awakens."

Another option: "Donating" a statue to the museum reveals its power (but sometimes a fake fools even the greatest expert...).

This system for statues that I propose I think can generate several interesting mechanics in the game. What you think about?

(And already into it...) Extra ball: Why doesn't money "weigh" anything in any video game? Money is ideal, but the object that represents it is not. Our children are getting the wrong idea of what money is. I'm not a programmer, but... I propose to amend this defect in all video games as soon as possible! XD
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