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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta26 aka "Nature's Grace" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta26 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Many bugfixes
* Balances tweaks
* New generic tree: Harmony
* New rogue class tree: Poisons
* Overhaul of loss of control effects: stun & freeze, to be much more interresting
* A huge amount of new NPC tiles
* Random zones
* Random bosses
* Better UI
* More Sher'Tul Fortress functions

Expanded changelist:
* Optimized the savefile code to not save base and computed entities lists as they can be reconstructed from data files, making savefiles quite smaller
* The hidden trollmire level now has a correct entrance spot
* NPCs now do not regen when coming back to a level
* Objects now do not regen when coming back to a level
* The Shertul Fortress gains a new function: the exploratory farportal; a new subquest will trigger when it reaches enough energy
* New shertul fortress function: rod of recall attunment
* Random artifacts are now made up of 3 egos (instead of 2) + some random properties
* Fixed the Emancipation achievement
* New achievement: "Take you with me"
* Achievement popup now displays an icon associated to the achievement
* Achievement list now can list all achievements, even those not done yet (not all are fully readable however)
* Achievement list can now show progress for certain achievements (like Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Reaver, ...)
* The endgame artifact now has a neat particle effect attached
* Trollmire treasure quest will successfully complete
* Equilibrium wont reset to 0 on levelup (it will respect sustains)
* Fix a rare particles crash
* Coming back from the Eidolon or Demon plane will not make many turns pass for actors
* Random parties of (hostile) adventurers can be met on the worldmap
* Tons of new tiles!
* Strike and Dig have switch places
* Strike now deals more damage
* Creatures that levitate can not be pinned
* Fix a bug when reloading while an archery projectile is in flight
* Overhauled Frozen effect: You now get to act every turns but can not teleport, heal or move. The ice now has HP which can be damaged to make it go away. All your attacks can only damage the ice (not creatures) and creature attacks damage you for half their value and the ice for half
* AI will not target/stop attacking invulnerable creatures (like those affected by Time Prison)
* Update charsheet dialog to show more info
* Stunned effect overhauled, you do not lose control anymore, instead damage is reduced by 70%, movement speed by 50%, a few random talents are put on cooldown and talent cooldowns do not decrease while stunned
* Freeze spell duration now increases with talent level
* Buttons will provide a visual feedback when clicked
* Update dialog title works again(new method updateTitle)
* Dialogs will try to not go over game window size
* Moves tooltip window if it obscures view
* Drop dialog now not closes after each drop
* Emotes are now displayed over fog of war
* Skeletons talents have been improved; Sharp Bones have been replaced with Resilient Bones
* Big new lore, detailing the various races. Look for the first pages in Last Hope and find the rest
* Silence wont prevent sustained talents desactivation
* Burning Hex wont trigger when de-activating sustains
* Fixed the Storming the City quest: gwelgoroths will have the correct level now
* Scintillating Caves and Rhaloren Camp wont give the shaloren starting quest if you do not have it (cosmetic change)
* Soul Rot now has correct requirements
* The Eidolon can now send you back to the worldmap is desired (and if possible)
* Improves Retch and switched places in the tree
* Paradox Clone now can regulate his paradox levels
* Ambushes work even while standing on zone entrance
* Fixed a rare bug when patrols chase players on the worldmap
* Harno the messanger should correctly pop even if Golbug is killed on the Demon Plane
* Negative HP creatures should correctly die
* Can not try to use an orb a second time on a portal in the endgame
* Limmir will always make sure to provide a gem on his own when making an amulet
* Rune of the Rift/Time Skip will not heal the target to full
* If an alchemist player is cloned, the golem will be faction aligned with the clone
* New method font:draw(string, max_size, r, g, b) that is the same as TString:makeTextureLines() & countLines() combined, but it works on plain strings and it is *fast*
* Log & Flying texts now have a small shadow to outline the texts
* Added very slight shadow to most UI texts, making them more readable
* Modules can enable text shadows on the UI by doing: require("engine.ui.Base"):setTextShadow(0.6)
* New "Building" map generator
* New poem in the heart of the gloom
* Base vision radius of NPCs reduced to 10, like the player
* Thaloren-Tree Longbow range correctly set to 10 instead of 18
* Life regeneration effects now disable other regen talents while active, to prevent wasting them
* Vor, Gorbat and Rak'Shor prides have been upgraded, they now feature entrance doors, guards, random elites & bosses
* Objects that randomly fire a talent on hit wont check ressource or cooldowns
* Bloodcaller, the reward from the ring of blood, is not an arcane artifact anymore
* Adventure mode deaths will only be reported once the last life is expanded
* Equilibrium & Paradox bars on the left pane fill with failure chance instead of a meaningless log
* New achievement: Huge Appetite
* Eldoral Last Resort range fixed
* Fixed Hurricane description
* Level 5 Arcane Eye should work even while blinded
* Blodo Spray correctly handles its disease chance
* Hate is not affected by fatigue
* Fix norgos lair level changers tiles
* Hymn of Moonlight and similar talents wont activate on the worldmap
* Creatures in the Heart of the Gloom wont have the radiant fear talent
* New NPC in angolwen that provides a bit of lore and new lore in angolwen's library
* New lore: a rogue's poem
* New lore associated with the Spellblade and Eden's Guile artifacts
* Time Prison correctly stops even fast actors
* Eight new high level monsters
* Fixed problem with Shattering Charge
* Greatly improved Mindlash. Focus mindslayers should be much more fun.
* Removed much of the moat around the bandit fortress vault to make navigating around it less of a pain.
* The new game window can now be told to force loading of an incompatible module (which will usually work anyway)
* Alchemist's golems can now self destruct when the alchemist is dead
* Renamed the demon plane to the Fearscape
* Fixed drawQuad (it would randomly start using a texture when when told not to)
* Every level of the High Peak is now guarded by a random unique
* Added a message log dialog which supports page up/down, home/end, up/down and mouse wheel. Activate it by clicking on the log or pressing ctrl+m
* Upped Lightning and Chain Lightning damage
* Shock cooldown increased to 4
* Nature's Touch healing buffed
* New wild gifts talent tree: Harmony
* The sandworm queen heart now provides Harmony instead of Sand Drake tree
* Both Summoners and Wyrmics can unlock the Harmony tree
* Added .. mouse gestures. Yes right! Find them in the keybinder menu. You can now bind mouse gestures to any bindable actions!
* Module makers can use gestures easily with the engine.ui.Gesture class
* New lore about the Fearscape
* Found lore is now also saved in the player's profile, for later use
* The Sher'tul Fortress now possess the Library of Lost Mysteries, where you can instantly learn all lore known by any of your previous characters
* Non-hostile boss-level creatures will now have their own tactical border
* New tree: Cunning / Poisons
* Rogues might want to try siding with the assassin lord
* Tooltip will now tell you if there are more than one item on the ground
* Button clickable area expanded to fit actual display size
* Text in ListColums and Tree UI elements is now bouncing from left to right when overflowing
* Fixed a memory leak
* Elementals levitate
* Improved talents levelup screen
* Regen rate is now displayed in the left pane bar
* Undeads correctly start at level 6 of the blighted ruins
* Derth arena and trollmire treasure quests now correctly finishes

Have fun!
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