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Originally Posted by debo View Post
You're not the stupid one. *identify* is stupid.
You can just identify jewellery in 4.0.0 ... Gosh, I haven't had to *id* jewellery since August!
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Originally Posted by ThunderToads View Post
Should I be dual-wielding as a Rogue, or is it better to go sword&board or two-handed?
Playing a rogue at the moment & it seems the effectiveness of dual-wielding is very dependent on backstab. I had a 5.0lber & a 10lber with only begineer dual-wield which I was using as stat sticks for the Smaug fight. When I ran out of ammo I started swinging. I was hitting 1 from 7 till he started fleeing. Then I backstabbed 3 from 3 (with the 5lb spear).

So if you have the stealth to take things down asleep, or can get them to run (horrify from death realm) or can confuse them (bronze drac) it's a lot more effective. Otherwise you'll need things like Genji-gloves, high skills, hit boosters, light weapons etc. etc.

If I had 2 good light weapons, for instance quickthorn & dagger of fiona I'd be dual-wielding. If I need to use a shield to cover an important resist I'd go sword & board.

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