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Yet Another "should pay attention" Happenstance

Okay, I'm playing with no-selling iVanilla (ranged trap detection so searching is good too). Somewhere around 45 dlvl. Insane troll mage char already, last dive found +8 speed shield, already have a RoS +9,etc., am at +25speed and 18/180 int. Only thing really missing is ESP, and found a cloak with it and a couple of other nice resists.

Went to town, changed gear around to get base resists and ESP covered, had to of course drop the +3 int magi cloak for the ESP one. Went to black market, hey cool, Resistances book and bought it. Looked two lines down, amulet of ESP (am wearing searching amulet!)!!! Argh! =P

Now will have to time my dives so the shop does not maintain until I get enough cash to buy the amulet, so can wear the magi cloak again for 0% fail and all that shazz ...

Brilliant move, myself.
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