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Trap changes

One of the things I've been itching to change for a long time is the trap system. ewert has coded up a system that allows for passive trap detection in line-of-sight, and also allows for trap evasion. I am planning to port these changes to v4 and build from there.

In a nutshell, this is what the new system would be:
- Trap detection scrolls, spells, etc would go away entirely.
- You can passively detect traps (and secret doors) up to 3 squares away.
- Your chance to detect a trap is (Searching skill)/(distance) %. That is, you get your full searching skill for traps adjacent to you, half of it for traps 2 squares away, etc.
- Your searching skill is affected by class, race, wis, and int. As you level, it improves.
- While in Searching mode, your speed is reduced by 2, and your search skill is increased by 20%.
- It is possible to avoid the effects of a trap when you walk into the square. The chance is based on your dex, and it is easier if you know the trap is there.

That is more-or-less where ewert's changes end.

Now, along with this are some other changes I have planned:
- Review the list of traps. Summoning and Teleportation will probably change so that they are less deadly.
- Extend the trap/secret door detection to mimics and lurkers.
- Add some more mimics and lurkers.

Eventually, I'd like to add more traps and trap-like features, but I think that is quite difficult with the current terrain system.

Obviously, getting the numbers just right will take some work. How do people feel about this system in general, though? What traps need to be toned down and how if there is no longer an infallible way to detect them?
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