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Originally Posted by Cardinal Rob View Post

I may have encountered a bug with my Chaos-Warrior.

I started as a Demi-god (minor god) and at L20 I had taken Infernal Deal as my human mutation. When I reached L23 my patron polymorphed me from a Demi-god to a Klackon. When I changed Infernal Deal was briefly stripped away, and then I was able to re-choose my human mutation from the list (I re-took Infernal Deal), leaving me with a mutation I'm probably not supposed to have available to me.

Not that I mind - it's a powerful mutation, but I'm not sure he should be eligible for it.

Here is the gory details, just in case my character dump changes.

Name : Carnahan
Sex : Male
Personality: Mighty
Race : Klackon
Subrace : None
Class : Chaos-Warrior
Realm : Daemon
Patron : Khaine

You were born as Demigod.

Mutations ==================================

You can bring down the dungeon around your ears.
You can freeze things with a touch.
Your flesh is rotting (-2 CON, -1 CHR).
You have made an infernal deal.
I'm not sure how this is happening. Are the messages still in your history and if so, can you attach a copy of your savefile?

EDIT: Never mind. Should be fixed by this commit. Since the bug is beneficial, you should not hesitate to enjoy the extra power! This helps make up for all the times my coding stupidity screws players over

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