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Weapon types

It's always seemed a bit odd to me that a character who knows how to wield a sword would be able to wield an axe or maul or dagger with equal profiency... Adding weapon-specific combat skills is probably variant territory, but what about simply differentiating each weapon class a bit more?

Say, like so:

Swords - your standard weapon: standard +todam from STR and +tohit/+blows from DEX
Axes - harder to wield than a sword due to the bulk: more base damage than a sword, but less accuracy; gets small bonus to hit from STR in addition to normal bonuses, but fewer extra blows from DEX
Hafted weapons - vary depending on weight: whips and clubs get more blows and accuracy, while maces and warhammers get LOTS more damage!
Daggers - light weapons even a wimp can use effectively, so long as he's smart: +todam comes from average of INT and WIS instead of from STR
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