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[V] Back at it again!

Giving Angband a go again after a long break This is my first character that shows promise after a long list of hilarious and humiliating deaths (Farmer Maggot's dogs, novice warriors, snagas, etc)

The cloak Colannon was a really nice find, with the free teleport and speed boost, but recently I picked up a rPois Aman, I'm assuming that's the way to go for now to patch up that gap?

I've been going with the 'dive and detect' method, targeting objects on good level feelings and avoiding unprofitable and dangerous fights, dropping levels very quickly (for me anyway), and just starting to get into stat gain depths, where I'm still not having much difficulty. I'm assuming I should hang around this depth a bit to max out the stats, but once that's done, how fast should I drop afterwards?

Also, I get the feeling that I'll be sticking with Sting for a good while here, what weapons should I keep an eye out for that might be better at this point?

Would really love any advice anyone can give, since I really feel this character has the potential to be The One
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Why no gloves? The ones in your home provide regen, which is always nice.
With +12 speed and those resists, I'd say you're all set for a while, but still a long way from 'The One'. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll be OK .
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You are a little overpowered for your depth. That's ok but be careful of getting used to it. There are tough monsters deeper, so be careful of getting complacent. The biggest danger for you is getting used to not worrying about what's around you. Then you may gett lazy with detections, and when you descend it's, bam "Azriel breathes nether, you die"

If you're going for stat gain, be aware that monster drop level are the average of monster levels+dungeon level. So you won't net any stat gain pots by killing orcs on dlevel 35, but you will from most of the trolls and young/mature dragons.
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Tiburon Silverflame
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I agree with using the gloves. I love regen at these levels; it means 'incidental' damage can be ignored, if nothing else.
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Originally Posted by Tiburon Silverflame View Post
I agree with using the gloves. I love regen at these levels; it means 'incidental' damage can be ignored, if nothing else.
While the glove penalty costs 25% of your max mana use in bursts, for general use when you don't need it all at once regen effectively doubles your mana. In terms of detections etc the combined effect is a 50% *increase* in mana for wearing the gloves, if you do not have regen some other way.
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