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gain one, lose one stat potions

I've recently modified how I use these potions with effective results.

I realized at some point that gains above 18 are somewhat random and typically > "10". So, if Con is at 17 and the player drinks 2 !Toughness, the first potion will bring him to 18 and the second potion may bring him somewhere between 18/10 and 18/30. Let's say the first brings the player to 18/25. Drinking another !Toughness again results in a random gain.

If the player then drinks another +1-1 potion and CON is reduced, CON only drops by "10" to 18/15. Were CON at 17, it would drop to 16. So getting a character stat above 18 is good and results in semi +3-1 type behavior. Whether this is desired or not is beyond me.

Anyway, most classes care about a few stats; the simplest is warriors who care about STR/DEX/CON. Drinking brawn and losing DEX can be a wash. On the other hand if both STR and DEX are 16, drinking 3 brawn in a row followed by 3-4 nimbleness, there is a reasonable probability that both STR and DEX end up at or above 18. So, I've started waiting until I have enough potions to get all important stats > 18 and then drinking all the +1-1 potions at once. It's worked quite nicely the few times I've tried it. Should one stat be dominant (*cough cough* strength) I'll drink !brawn as I find them unless one stat gets too low.
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