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Ah, cool. ADOM was my first real love with roguelikes. Played it alot. Magic stuff Never made a win though (well, did with a savescum-session once), but remember I had a blast for 1-2 years with it. Herbalism was fun. And all the special levels, towns on random dlvls, all the different caves.. the astral dlvl.. watercave the library! hohoho. The orbs. Oh yes, ADOM is special even though it has its quirky weird stuff going on. People complain there's little logic to some of the stuff in the game, but me, I loved the twisted ways of mister Biskup. Don't agree on him having the source closed though. Just another egoistic narrowminded fuck, but hey, it's his choice. He did good with ADOM anyway. Hehe. Still, keeping it closed, a big NO NO.

Then I found V Angband. BAM! Fell in love with everything about it. Down to the bone hack'n'slash. Fast'n'furious. Yummie. Great UI. Lots of artifacts. Great EGO-items. And a feeling it's not all about luck, there's much you can do with different strategies and tactics. I'm a sucker for analytical games, V Angband is one of them. Only sucky suck about it is the random teleport into a room of nasty Z's. Think that's about the only death you can get which really isn't your fault (ok, so you can restrict yourself to NOT teleport when not in danger).

Played Rogue a couple of times, seems allright. But haven't had a kick on it yet. Crawl, that game seems pretty damn nice, but I'm too stubborn yet to like the way it's always centering around your character (the map). Tsktsk. Nethack. Larn, Moria. Omega. And many Angband variants. But can't say I've REALLY played them. Just tried them a couple of times, trying to get the feel for them. Haven't given most of the games other than ADOM, V Angband and TOME time to really sink into me.

Textgames in general affects me in a very good way. Muds, infocomgames (zork, wishbringer, planetfall, a mind forever voyaging.. just to name a few of them). Oh yes, I looooove ASCII-games. But roguelikes are the cream of textgames. Delicious!
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