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Difficulty compiling Entroband

I recently installed Ubuntu on my computer and I'm trying to get Entroband to run on it. However, when I try to run configure, I get the message:

loading cache ./config.cache
./configure: 540: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")" )

I looked at the file around that line, but don't see any parenthesis that aren't closed. Has anyone experienced this error before, and how do I fix it?
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I managed to get Entro to compile (I had to run bootstrap instead of autoconf), but now I'm encountering another problem.

The program starts up normally, and I press Enter to start the game, and the message "Savefile not found" come up, but then the program freezes. Even if I close the window, my bash prompt won't respond until I end the process manually. I tried copying over some hengband saves from the windows version to see if that would help, but it doesn't recognize them.

I've also tried compiling 3 different versions of hengband, and get the same problem.

EDIT: I managed to get the windows version to run through wine, but it would still be nice to get it to run natively. If anyone has compiled in successfully on a Debian based system, I don't suppose you could provide a package for it?

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More information about the compilers used and exact command lines / compile log would be good, but yes, I never really compiled entro on anything but Windows. The Heng source tree was a mess to deal with as far as porting to other platforms goes. Any publicly posted patches in this regard are welcome.
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I seem to recall something similar (it was a long time ago) and IIRC I solved by explicitly disabling the Japanese support during the configure stage (./bootstrap should give you a ./configure script which you can run).
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