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Question about classes difficulty balance and techniques against Uniques

I were playing Moria/Angband for several months now... and now I am playing a "High-Elf" "Mage", was level 38 or so when i killed the Balrog of Moria on dungeon level 49, it was the first time i got that far in the game and it got me thinking... that it was so easy, i was shocked that it almost happened, i don't know if i learned this new strategy with the mage that is to:

1) having ESP, i saw the monster, Unique, Ancient dragon, etc. and put it in a straight long line in a big room or passage.
2) Use "Resistance" and "Mana Channel" from "Magical Defences" book.
3) Use a rod or wand of "Slow monster" on it.
4) Quaff a potion of speed.
5) Alternate between "Explotion" from "Wizard's Tome of Power" and from "Mana Bolt" "Arcane Control"

And that way i was able to slain the Balrog of Moria almost without being damaged, even with some others monsters around, summoned by others and him i think.

And that got me thinking, with a warrior that will be almost insanely difficult, having no "Resistances" magic, and a way to keep monsters far away, i think that the mage its like so easy once you got those spell books and items, what are some equivalent strategy for killing powerful enemies like those Uniques, with a warrior or other classes? i feel that the mage its like an "easy mode" compared to other classes, being able to teleport a short distance with "Phase Door" spell or even the "Teleport Other" and "Teleport Self" spells, that i use also when there's a room with lots of treasures and enemies far beyond my level. In "Moria" game i think you had no spells like "Explotion" and "Mana Bolt", so in Moria killing the Balrog will be like so much more difficult right?

Also, I was playing Necromancer and Warriors builds before, but it was so damn difficult compared to the mage now that i have this spells, it feels that im missing something with other classes, or the game is unbalanced, i tend to think its the first option and i am missing some knowledge about the other classes, so i wanted to ask you all for it.

For example, with my previous Warrior characters, i used a similar strategy with slow for the enemy and speed for me, also Berserk potions. Also for the Necromancer with the "Vampire Strike", but i think its no match for the enemies im facing right now with the mage with all the spells available.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: I just remembered also about the "Banishment" and "Mass Banishment" spells in the 5th book, so, i found a vault, with lots of enemies above my level and i just Mass Banished everyone and take the loot... the same situation with a warrior or any other class, its so difficult in comparison, also nearly ALL the monsters above level 20 or so, you cannot melee because they all remove experience, strength, constitution, etc... how can a warrior counter measure those situations? only teleporting with some staff or scroll as i can think of only... or maybe warriors are so damn powerfull at the same level of my mage, that merelly touching these enemies is enough to kill them?

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balance, classes, strategies

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