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Originally Posted by chem View Post
is there a spoiler webpage somewhere for the artifact rewards / guardians of all the dungeons and quests?
Don't think there's one for FrogComposband, unless you count the edit files those things are actually specified in. nikheizen had a spoiler list for (an old version of) PosChengband here but by now it's really out of date, especially the old quest lines and rewards bear very little resemblance to what's currently in Frog. But you can find out who the dungeon bosses are just by going there and diving a bit

Originally Posted by chem View Post
what's changed the most since, uh, chengband?
Everything, in most cases several times. The biggest single change to previously existing content might have been the complete redesign of magic devices in PosChengband (devices now have mana and recharge on their own) but there are too many other major changes to list. The Frog changelog runs to ~100K of text and that's only since Composband, a lot of really dramatic changes happened between Chengband and PosChengband but unfortunately there's no proper changelog for those.
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