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How do I win?

About a year or so ago I got the farthest I've ever gotten in Angband, but I was getting worn out and real life stuff took over. I want to come back now and finish the game, but it's hard to find advice about winning in general, and for more current versions in particular.

Here's my upload to the ladder:

I think I'm in pretty good shape with items, especially with 38 unbuffed speed. I don't have any healing potions at the moment, so I think my plan was to farm up a bunch when I got burned out.

But really, I don't know any tactics for killing Sauron and Morgoth. Do I need to carve anti-summoning corridors or find vaults or something? How do the runes of protection work? Should I farm some of those? Do I need to kill more uniques before I fight Morgoth?

Basically, I'm not sure what to do at this point besides farming potions in preparation.
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Your character looks pretty set to go, aside from the consumables. In addition to healing, you want potions of Speed, scrolls of Mass Banish/Destruction, and rods of Teleport Other; you don't have quite enough of any of those for peace of mind. You should also look for arrows of Holy Might or Slay Evil, which you can do good damage with using Bard.

Sauron: just melee him, in an antisummoning corridor. He disenchants and drains charges with his melee, so be aware of that and plan accordingly.

Morgoth: do not melee him in an antisummoning corridor. His melee, in addition to draining charges and all non-sustained stats, causes earthquakes, and if one attempts to create a wall on the tile you're on when there are no open adjacent tiles, you take a lot of damage. Generally the advice for Morgoth is:

* If you can, go to vaguely near a corner of the map.
* Use Destruction on the area, making sure that Morgoth isn't in the area of effect. This creates a lot of broken LOS and is nearly as good as an antisummoning corridor, without the earthquake issue.
* Wait for Morgoth to show up. Damage him however you choose to do so. If he summons or you need to heal, use Phase Door to get some space. Healing while in LOS gives him free opportunities to attack you / cast spells, but if he's not in LOS then the only action he can take is walking towards you. For summons, Morgoth moves faster than everything in the game except for Cantoras and Harowen, so if you get out of LOS he'll eventually outpace them.
* Once the battleground gets uncomfortably full, Teleport Other on Morgoth, then either Teleport Other on his summons, or use Mass Banish / Destruction. Then wait for Morgoth to come back. Do not teleport yourself, especially if you've been teleporting summons, since the level will get crowded in a hurry.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Pete Mack
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A point on accumulating consumables: if you need rods and wands, don't fight (and esp don't melee) electric hitters (Storm Wyrm etc.) If you need potions, don't fight bg cold hitters. These can make a big dent in your inventory. I suspect that's what happened to all your Teleport Other. By that point in the game, you should have a whole lot of wands, and roughly half a dozen rods. Of course, if you have the necessary immunity, you can ignore the specific element.
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