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Smeagol the stealther

Last night I noticed some strange behavior when fighting Smeagol. I lured him into a large, empty, fully lit room. I was fighting him as I tend to do, phasing around and shooting spells and missiles so he can't get close enough to steal from me and port away.

The strange thing was, several times when his erratic movement would move him away from me rather than toward me, he would disappear. I would wait 1 turn and he would move towards me and become visible again. I can't say for sure, but it seemed to me that even though he was in a fully lit room, I could only see him if he was within my infravision range.

Unfortunately I didn't think too much of it until after I had already killed him, so I don't have a save file to show this behavior, assuming it's not intended. If not, perhaps tonight I'll make another character and try to find him and recreate it and upload that save file.
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Smeagol is invisible but warm-blooded, much like e.g. Clear Hounds. So if he's in your infravision range, or if he's lit and you have See Invisible, then you can see him.
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Ahh ok. Surprised I never noticed that before then. Silly me - sorry.

I think I typically don't fight him until much later when I probably already had see invis, but this time I was strong enough to kill him when I first encountered him, so I did.
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