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Thread necro! Um, I went looking for information about throwing and this seemed like the most relevant thread with good information. Any further advice on making a throwing master welcome! I've been tinkering with focus/concentration, daggers/spears, mainly just for fun. No 'serious' runs yet.

My main questions I wanted to ask before I found this thread were:
Is it possible to throw twice in one round? - No, right?
Is cruel blow possible with thrown weapons - I'm pretty sure this answer is 'no' judging by the manual.
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Is the assassination bonus added? Again, the manual isn't all clear on what constitutes a "normal" melee attack on skimming (since throwing is treated as one). Guessing no.

Also, being able to equip throwing weapons to the quiver slots really is a good idea that should be implemented. Maybe add javelins over spear stacks and removing the option to hew ordianry melee weapons altogether (the feature is neat but largely unused anyway). Would streamline inventory management and the interface a bit.
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Quick test with a feanor.

No assasination bonus.
Several !!s & !s against wolves & orcs. no cruel blow. So probably not.
Daggers are swords as far as elves are concerned.

Random piece of advice: Gondolin spears are only 11 smithing pts.
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Currently playing a char that throws more than usually (i.e. a dwarf).

One thing I experimented with is making 2lb spears for throwing. Easy, relatively cheap and as good as finesse. Similarly axes may benefit from a slight increase in weight to get 2 pt. strength bonus out of them.
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