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Digging for non-diggers

Okay - so I am very accustomed to playing a Wizard of some sort. Digging for a wizard, essentially, boils down to shovel until CL9 then spell. On the rare occasions that I have played other classes, I usually didn't bother with a digger if I had a Str >17, but most of them get some sort of digging option other than warriors.

With the recent competition, I was running my warrior around and found a greater vault. Unfortunately, I had no digger. Figuring I had the strength though - I just started digging and eventually found my way in. However, as I went deeper and deeper - I found that really - I was succeeding at digging very often.

This led me to wonder about what warriors do when faced with the need to dig through granite. So - to sum up - what do warriors use in order to tackle the task of digging through granite? A good digger? Rod/Wand of Stone to Mud? Ignore vaults entirely until you get incredibly strong?

I've since looked up the formula on it - and it appears my warrior should have succeeded at digging about 3% of the time - but he had a couple of them that took 2200+ turns...
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