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Any gloves which provide free action or a dexterity bonus don't interfere with spellcasting.
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Originally Posted by kingwanabee View Post
Yes of course, i paniced too soon. I found a random phial on level 25 today. The Phial of Carin, it lights up like Galadriel and has +1 wis and sustain cha. I also found Gauntlets Harech +4 dex. Oddly when I put the gauntlets on, they didn't reduce my spell points. Is this another artifact bonus?


No its normal behaviar for the type of Gloves.

Really?, I thought artifact gloves would be unsuitable for spellcasting if they don't have Free Action. So I sold a pair of Paurhach I found earlier today without even trying them on. But when I looked them in my artifact knowledge, I see neither dexterity bonus nor FA, so maybe it was not a mistake at all to sell them.
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Also, Alchemist's gloves are always suitable for spellcasting. So make sure to check them if you are unsatisfied with your current gloves. (Alchemist's gloves of power are quite nice.)
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