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The Releases page for Angband 2.8.3

does not have a link to a compiled DOS version of Angband 2.8.3--but Google pointed directly to what appears to be such a version, on Ben Harrison's site:

The displayed file date of the angband.exe there is two days after the 1998 build date listed on the Releases page. I downloaded the files in that directory and they ran as a standard Angband DOS build of the day would in DOSBox. It identifies as version 2.8.3, and although I didn't check all of them, the sampling of features I checked from the 2.8.3 changelist on rephial's 2.8.3 Releases page were all in this build. Other game features visible in it at a glance generally match would I would expect to see circa DOS Angband 2.8.3--from what I've happened to see recently while running versions 2.8.0 and 2.9.0.

This appears to be DOS Angband 2.8.3, plus what might qualify as some "extra bits," minus a readme.

I wasn't around back in the day so I don't know if this particular version for DOS was torpedoed for some reason, but if that was the case I'm not sure why Harrison would have it on his site.

I also don't know what the "Old-Tree" directory it is in signifies; there is a "angband-283-win" directory in there as well, but while the Releases page for Angband 2.8.3 on rephial does have a Windows download, the angband-283-win directory in "Old-Tree" is clearly incomplete, having only an angband.ini, a readme, and a lib folder.

I suppose that suggests the possibility that this build could be critically incomplete in some way. All I've done so far is meander around the town and first dungeon level in -mibm graphics mode, hitting no obvious errors.
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