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My FAangband fork

Here is my FAangband 1.1.6 fork (Mostly bug fixes)

Windows binary:


Version 1.1.6 -> 1.1.6a. It is save file compatible. (With advice to back up)
Many Bugs were fixed.
Gameplay changes:
    Fractional melee blows.
    Tweaked manaburn, so it add damage against spellcasters (more, then before)
      but does not reduce monster mana.
    Items with 'darkness' property now grant resistance to damage, same as
      unlight special ability, along with ability to see in darkness.
    Tweaked chaos effects, to avoid some very annoying effects
      (e.g. it was possible to permanently polymorph Morgoth into tree)
      also all obviously good for the target effects were removed.
    Autoscummer generates pits and vaults more often.
    Monster melee attacks without any special effect were buffed by 50%.
    Aggravation is now obvious and displayed in 'C' screen.
    Added new ego item.
    Changed blunt weapon criticals to stun and confuse monsters instead of
      bonus damage.
    Changed rarity and depth for several melee weapons and magical devices.
    Changed starting equipment.
    Melee attack attempts while afraid reduce fear quickly.

UI improvements:
    Region map can now be navigated by arrow keys.
    Item list now shows item position related to player, if there are
      many items of the same type, nearest is shown.
    Monster knowledge menu now shows monster recall in recall window.
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