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The Life and Death of Goling

The Adventures of Goling, Beorning Assassin, Female

She started out in the town of Gladden Fields. I bought scrolls of Phase Door and Teleportation. My primary weapons are a Main Gauche (1d5) and a sling.

Gladden Fields (plains, boring) DL1. Discovered the Scroll of Identify. Achieved CL2.

Hithaeglir (mountains, boring) DL2. Achieved CL3. I stumbled upon a poison gas trap. and died.

A short but glorious career. Undefeated and (IIRC) undamaged in combat. I did nothing but rest after stepping off of the gas trap, but in the end I was just 1HP short of what I needed. I received the classic “in game message” ending .

Does anybody know if shape-shifting (into a bear) would have helped? I assumed that I would lose HP's in the transformation.

You are less poisoned.
You die.
You feel better now.
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