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Looking for a D&D 2e RL: Frogcomposband or PoSChengband?

Hi, I have played Angband and some variants in the last 2 years and now the itch is back! Currently, I wanted to find something more grounded in the lore of Middle-Earth like Sil-Q but in a more open world (but not the old Tome 2). I wish to find the feeling of playing a dnd 2e game in my RL!

I read a little bit about Frogcomposband and PoSChengband on forums and reddit. I could not find any detailed description that explained to me what they are about. I looked on the github and personal page of each one and didn't find the information I was looking for. I could start to play both and see which one I like (which I will do probably!) or I could ask roguelike players on this forum!

I should add that I have played and enjoyed alot Sil-Q and First Age Angband is on my radar.

I like to know what the both games are about (difference with angband), what they do well and the things that make them special.

And sorry if the question has already being asked before!
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Don't forget Composband...

Frogcomposband is a variant of Composband, which is a variant of Poschengband, which is a variant of Chengband by the same author (incorporating features from RePosband, a remake of Posband), which is a variant of Hengband, which is a variant of Zangband, which is a kitchen-sink variant of Angband incorporating features from other variants such as Kangband and Cthangband.As you can imagine, this means there is a LOT going on in these variants.

Zangband greatly expanded on the number of races and classes available in the game and implemented a large overworld with several dungeons (as opposed to the single town and dungeon in Angband) and a number of static quests. It replaced Morgoth as the final boss of the game with the Serpent of Chaos.

Later versions removed the quests, but Hengband built on that basic setup, adding many more races, classes and game mechanics (such as being able to ride monsters and lots of class-specific game mechanics).

Chengband in turn greatly expanded on the number of races and classes available, saw many code improvements and added unique new dungeons.

PosChengband prior to the fork from Composband added a whole slew of new options for what kind of character to play by implementing dozens of playable 'monster' races each with their own unique game mechanics.

Composband greatly expanded on the number of quests available, adding a new town, and new dungeons, monsters and items to the game.

Frogcomposband added another new town, more additional quest lines, more playable races and classes, enemy types, items and artifacts.

Since Composband was created, PosChengband has taken a radically different development direction, removing all quest lines and the fixed overworld (much like the later versions of Zangband) and attempting to be more friendly to the source material, reinstating Morgoth as the final boss. However there is still much in the game that comes from a medley of different sources besides Tolkien. The pace of the game is slower than in older versions more similar to Hengband.

Chances are that what you're looking for is FAangband. Originally a variant of Oangband which was notable for being a rather difficult Angband variant with interesting new game mechanics, it changed the player race selection and monster list to be more directly inspired by Tolkien's work, added a large overworld with locations from Middle Earth and many artifacts from the First Age.

Newer versions of FAangband, by the same author as the originals (the current maintainer of Angband itself) have been recreated from scratch over the modern Angband code.

The same author is currently undertaking a rewrite of Sil (the parent of Sil-Q) based on modern Angband code, in order to serve as the basis for another variant, Beleriand, intended to be something like a large open world version of Sil set in the Third Age.

Which sounds like it would be perfect for you, but in the meantime I'd suggest that FAangband is what you're looking for.
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What Gwarl said
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Thanks Gwarl, I recognize you from!

I will try FAAngband. i'm at a cottage with limited access to internet and no computer. i have connected my ipad to my phone and will enjoy!

And from your massive experience, which RL have the most varied dungeons rooms (room with intesting shaped and varied, rooms that looks like they have a function (throne room, temple, submerge in water, cave with different shapes). i remember Tome 2 had that and maybe FAAngband. it's somehting that i find interesting when exploring. and at the same time which one from your point of view use ANSI to draw the dungeon that were among the most advanced.

Nick: good luck with Beleriand!
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