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Gensouband 2.0 released (Touhou Hengband changed its name)

You may recall there being a Touhou mod for Hengband; it has been updated to 2.0, and now it's a variant of its own - Gensouband (幻?蛮怒 2.0). Since it's a major update, I figured I'd make a separate thread.

List of changes:

-Changed program name/game title; *.ini file name changed to Gensoband.ini
-Fixed a bug where effects of rings of throwing weren't displayed on character sheet
-(Important) In the Moriya Schemes II quest, if a log would spawn on top of the player, it will deal damage now
-Removed Constitution bonus from Strawberry Geranium flower egos
-Fixed gun kata damage bonus being applied to some other attacks as well
-(Important) Made it possible to reduce damage from some kinds of monster melee attacks:
Drain charges -> Protection from magic
Steal gold -> AC
Steal items -> AC
Eat food -> AC
Drain light -> Darkness resistance
Mutate -> Chaos resistance
Invite to death -> Nether resistance
Curse -> Protection from magic
Take photographs -> Light resistance
Induce madness -> Insanity resistance
Cause hunger -> Slow digestion
Changed resistance efficiency for several other kinds of melee attacks
-(Important) Adjusted overall monster stats based on Hengband 3 alpha
Mainly made level 40-60 monsters weaker or moved them deeper
Increased experience for deeper monsters
Made deep wolf uniques stronger
Caution: Gothmog is far stronger than before
Caution: Bronze dragons didn't have a breath attack in this mod; now they breathe gravity
Hell Wyrm (the one with hellfire breath in the mod) changed name to Hellfire Wyrm. Color changed to orange. It appears more frequently now, exercise caution if you're playing as a Celestial
Evil Dragon, Thunder Dragon and Sea Dragon are now level 64, and their poison/lightning/acid breath attacks now deal maximum damage. Added cold-breathing Water Dragon.
Weakened spells/special abilities for several monsters.
-(Important) Changed main quest boss monster from Oberon - now that the game's title is changed, there's something off about having the final boss be unrelated to Touhou.
Oberon now appears as level 100 Angband guardian after you defeat the final boss. He will appear in Extra mode as well if you wait for a while on level 100. Changed HP from 20000 to 16000, 1/2 chance of activating Blood Curse on defeat, guaranteed to drop Crown of Amber. Defeating him raises your score.
New final boss stats might get adjusted further.
-Changed some lines/messages/help files.

The game is available for download at usual place:

Source code is now available on Github:

I will be updating my English translation to the newer version later on.

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