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Playing 3.1.1 for the first time...

I have played Angband, Moria, Nethack, and Hack for years (not enough to even get close to winning, someone called it OCD needing to clear every level - I'm currently receiving treatment for that)... However, this is probably the bets upgrade from prior versions yet...

My questions:
Stores - why was the purchasing changed from earlier version (3.0.5 for example)? I find it clumsier to purchase items (personally).
Why is the scrolling of the map set so close to the edges? In 3.0.5 when it scrolled, it would be be an extra few characters from the edge of the screen. I get a headache with the auto-center - any way to change the amount of spaces from the edge it will scroll?
Why for a while did my game not refresh any of the term windows? Magically, it started to refresh again after I played for a while. I have never had that happen before, I assume it was a bug.
Where do I turn on the prompt to pick up items? I can either pick them all up, or none (as best I can find). I am sure this is because I am not used to the options in the game.
In 3.0.5 I could hold down "s" or "." or whatever and when something would hit me the first time, it would either prompt or freeze my command somehow most if not all of the time. Any chance on there being an option in 3.1.1 I don't know of that fixes this?

I LOVE the status bar, the detection status, etc. I am getting annoyed with things saying magical and then being utter garbage, rather than "worthless" or "average", etc. Since I am now trying a mage it doesn't matter much since I now have identify, but still annoying.

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