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Coding standard? Indentation?

I keep making a mess of indentation whenever I touch a C file from Angband, so I wonder what I should set up my Emacs to (or Eclipse, or 'indent' utility). I see a year ago I had the following conversation on the NPP forum, but now that V is again active I wonder if there are any opinions...

> > > Merry Christmas!
> > >
> > > wonder what coding standards do you adhere to.
> > > E.g. GNU ( Any other?
> > >
> > > Also, I wonder what indentation you use: GNU, K&R? Spaces or tabs for indents?
> > > 4-wide or 8-wide tabs? What was the original standard of Moria?
> > > Of Ben Harrison's Vanillia? Do you ever use
> > > the indent utility to maintain a single format?
> > >
> > > BTW, is NPP os a CVS/SVN somewhere?
> > >
> > > Thanks a lot!
> >
> > CJN: AFAIK, most *bands, including NPP, use K&R style with 8-wide tabs and tab for indent.
> >
> Bad, bad, bad. But at least the tab width is standard ---
> however the text must go off 80 characters wide terminal very often...
> Hmm, from the look of the code it's not pure K&R. Obviously not GNU, too.
> I guess everybody indents as he likes...
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