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graphic problems Windows XP Angband

I have downloaded angband-3.0.9b version and tried to play it.
Unfortunately, the graphic options are unavailable (they are in gray color and i cannot turn them
on). I have downloaded a version with tiles, and i also downloaded, just in case, manually 32x32
tiles. Still - no change. Whatever i do - changing the config etc. the graphic option is still
unavailable (to be precise - graphics from top menu is available, but all the
choices "None", "Old Tiles", "Adam Bolt's tiles", etc. are gray and unavailable). i even succeeded to checked them through config but they remain gray and i see no graphic (only ASCII) Can someone
help me with this?

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I've noticed myself that the graphics options will be grayed out if there's a message onscreen that I have to respond to, even if it's to hit escape to get out of it. Could that be the problem?
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Hey there,

Sorry to resurrect a year-old thread, but I'm having this same problem and can't find any other references to it on the whole wide Internets.

I'm on Vista, have downloaded all the graphics files and put them in the right directory (in fact, I copied them into a bunch of directories to see if that would help Angband find them), messed around with .ini in a variety of ways...

... no matter what I do, the graphics options are always completely greyed out. I can only play the game in raw ASCII. Even that I wouldn't mind so much, but the tile size is TINY and I can't change it. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with open windows as Anne suggested.

Can anyone help?
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Originally Posted by hapax View Post
Can anyone help?
Assuming Vanilla and DVG 32x32 tiles.
The files need to be named 32x32.bmp and mask32.bmp and must be in bitmap format (not .png .jpg or .zip - don't just rename the extension, convert the file).
The files need to be located in the angband/lib/xtra/graf directory.
I don't know if it will make a difference or not, but are you logged on as an administrator? If not try it as an admin.
...and if all else fails... reboot.

I am able to play on Vista with tiles, without a problem.
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Donald Jonker
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Also make sure the directory that your game isn't inside another directory called "angband" ...this has thrown it off for me. So don't have it called C:\angband\angband\angband.exe

To be extra sure just put it in C:\angband

Has produced problems for me displaying tiles in variants but not vanilla, but who knows - you might get lucky.
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A-ha! Donald seems to have figured it out: the zip file created a superfluous "Angband" directory under the game directory I made. I have my tiles now. Thanks for your help!
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