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Too many artifacts

So I've gotten further in the game than I ever have (cl41, ~2600'), and for the first time, I'm not so eager to play. Even when I was always dying after getting what seemed like really far but before cl15, I would be frustrated for about 2 minutes, and then start a new character. But now, I'm frustrated enough that I rarely play.

The problem: I'm finding too much good stuff! I'm selling the obviously junky artifacts and almost everything equippable and non-artifact, but I still find myself in the town with a full house and an almost-full inventory and no idea what to get rid of. See, I'm a pack rat in real life too, and I'm overanalytical. And I just don't really have a good sense of which of my character's things are good and which are only mediocre. So I could make up a spreadsheet to decide what the best armor configuration is, but then I think that I should just keep THIS around too, because what if I find rConf in THAT instead, and then I can wear this other thing instead, and then that other thing, and oh I guess I have to keep everything. If I get rid of anything, then I can NEVER CHANGE MY MIND!

And even if I figure out what to do at any given moment, I don't really want to make the spreadsheet and update it every time I find a new weapon.

So, any specific advice for my character? ( And any general advice for this kind of situation? Maybe some resists I really don't need to worry about, or a list of the top artifacts, or just a general way to reassure myself that selling my 5th-best body armor isn't the end of the world, so I can go back to diving and collecting stuff?

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Malak Darkhunter
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I've been thinking for quite a while now that there is too many different types of way's for your character to die. You remember Moria, I liked how it was set up, you had fire,frost,electricity,acid and poison, and that was about it your basic elemental stuff. It was easier to concentrate on what resists to get, and it wasn't complicated in the least. You had a few good ego weapons that you were always on the hunt for and that was the (Defender) and the (Holy Avenger). They were rare but highly prized to find. I think Angband got a little to over ambitious over time and started adding in a bunch of stuff, that really greatly complicated things. Gravity? Nether? Plasma? Chaos?Confusion? Darkness? Light? Why have all these extras along with the other elemental stuff? A player has to worry about a dozen different types of resists. I think it's over the top and to complicated and takes away enthusiasm for gameplay. About Artifacts, I think their pretty cool, but to be honest there's too many of them, and really the player is spending the majority of the game hunting for artifacts. I think the other ego type weapons should have a greater voice. And I think Artifacts should be toned down to just a powerful few famous ones, If you found a rarity like that, it would be a game memorable moment for the player. This is just my 2 cents, but I think things have gotten a little crazy with the number of resists a player needs to protect himself with.
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Pete Mack
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With good boots of speed and a decent ring of speed there is absolutely 0 chance that you will need to use >1M gold to buy stuff in the black market. You will have a hard time spending > 100K.

As for what to keep--throw away any weapons that do less damage than Hurin, and keep your best weapon of Slay Evil. (That is either the Lance or the Trident.)

You can also throw away the Amulet of Wisdom. You have 18/130 base wisdom which is plenty for a Paladin. In the remote case you decide you need more wisdom, you can find another amulet or use an Amulet of Devotion, or --better--Elessar.
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You have better weapons than the weapons of Gondolin already, if none of them provides telepathy you will probably never use them.
You can also sell the crown of lordliness, since your other headgear ist better.
Don't carry so many spare dungeon spellbooks with you, they only add to your weight and may slow you down.
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I'm not so sure the problem is the multitude of elements, but the disorganisation. Or perhaps I think the variety of elemental spell effects could be at least partially retained without excessive proliferation of resists if the elements were arranged systematically. If all or at least most elements were combinations of some subset of elements as far as resistance calculations were concerned (ie. if plasma recieved 1/6 resist from fire and 2/6 resist from electricity, cumulative for 1/3 resist with both) there could be fewer resists than resistable elements. Some elements, like mana, might remain outside the system and completely unresistable.

As things stand now there's no strategic difference between plasma, mana, gravity, and inertia. Tactically they are different in their effects. You fight gravity hounds differently than you fight inertia hounds for example, but their existance has no effect on equipment choices because they're unresistable.
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I don't have any problem removing some of the artifacts if the egos are bumped a little.
Combine make the greater resist rings have at least 2 resist and a small chance to get to 3 and 4. Add dragon shields or give elf stuff chance for 2 greater resist.
I only have 2 winners but both were looking for the same end kit. I tried randarts but older ver had too much aggr and no slaying. 1 ring of power plus elfstone and art slay gloves = ~ +20+20.
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