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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
My suspicion is that one of the things that puts many people off Sil is the perception that the loot isn't very exciting, and that Angband and its more faithful derivatives provide more enticing discoveries.
That got me thinking. This is certainly true for me, I distinctly remember that feeling (when playing Sil): "items are pretty boring, it would be more fun if more of them gave abilities and stuff" (although that wasn't one of the biggest problems).
Angband, on the other hand, does provide a very interesting minigame with its equipment. Trying to maximise resistances and stats in Angand is (I think) a variant of bin packing problem, which is a good, fun puzzle (as the eggheads put it: "this problem is NP-hard" ).
Some might say "but you don't need to get all resistances to win the game", and sure, you don't... But that's not saying much; you don't need to win the game either, you don't need to play it at all. It's the question of "want", not "need", and it seems to me plenty of people do try to get as many blue lines in the 'C' screen as possible. It does provide some tangible advantage in the game, even though you can do without. That seems like a good design to me.

edit: And this is probably one of the things that Poschengband does much better than Vanilla?

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