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About my third run on a Half-Elf Ranger (should be ez) and finally making some progress. Last 2 died around clvl 30 / dlvl 35. I manage to find Ringil early and end up doing 200-300 dmg early and am literally mopping the floors sub dlvl 40. Nothing even touching me. Figuring I'll just slum the 35-40 levels through stat gain before going down deep.

Get to 40 and see a nice 8-6 level with a big vault. Nothing too scary save for a Ancient Dragon who goes on a teleport vaca. I mop up the vault and pop the last wall to expose a final item and a nice white U is sitting there. Gulegon.. Ok, history reveals nothing and I wack him and it doesn't do much. He touches me for half my 270 HP and I tele out.

At this point, noticing he's worth 30k exp and the best I've killed was worth 3k, you'd think cut your losses and quit the level but there he is sitting 15 or 20 squares away so I pop Ringil at him just for kicks. He fully resists, breathes shards (which I don't have a resist for) and its time for a new start. You'd think I'd learn...

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You can take some solace in that the gelugon would probably have killed you even if you did resist shards.
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Haha.. ya.. good point. Honestly I was 3 hours into this guy at home and had 15 minutes on the train this am. Figured I could just poke around on this vault a bit and all would be fine. Surely enough 5 minutes in I die.

I know restraint and battle evasion is key, but I continuously ignore this knowledge.

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Pete Mack
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The basic knowledge you get about unknown monsters includes their dungeon level. Anything native to much over 50 is going to be lethal at dl 40--let alone a monster one from dl 69 (29 levels out of depth.) It's worth checking for.
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It's telling that one of the options for a unique's dying words (in variants like ToME2, ZAngband, etc.) is "I knew it was dangerous, but I was thinking about the XP..."
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I don't know if it's just me, but I tend to die a lot more in "just 10 minutes" sessions rather than in long ones.
Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse.
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