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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post
Back in the 90's, did you ever step on an trap door after Wormtongue's death while having the Phial and an unknown rapier he dropped on sight?

About that special feeling, I do not remember ever finding other artifact on early levels but the Phial. "Special" message was always, "ah, the Phial" for me.
Yes, I did that... I seem to remember that you could reproduce the same drop if you took exactly the same number of turns from the save point, so you could try to quit then go through the same sequence.
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Originally Posted by TubbyNinja View Post
So I just started a character today and found Dethanc as a level 4 on DL 2 with only 1800 moves under my belt. I've just found the Phial of Galadriel as a level 16 on DL 13. I know an insta death is right around the corner..
Yeah...I just got that insta-death feeling, too.

dLvl 2, 1491 standard turns used. I haven't even been on the level long enough to get a feeling as to whether there's anything worthwhile on it.

From my messages window:
You see an Azurite Ring {??}.
You have an Azurite Ring {??} (h)
...and then I put the ring on:
You feel strangely quick.
You have learned the rune of speed.
You are wearing a Ring of Speed <+12>
My doom is foretold.

Morgoth, here I come!
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Originally Posted by fruviad View Post
You are wearing a Ring of Speed <+12>
Well, anything with speed (esp. +10 or more) is one of those game-changing items that just improves survivability (and damage output!) massively, so I'd say those items don't necessarily incur the wrath of the RNGod.
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Pete Mack
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<+12> Ring of Speed at dl 2??? Time for an EPIC dive. Crash dive to dl 40 then just keep going.
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holy purple cow. 70~ish levels out of depth.
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